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Everything you need to know about privnote

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Creating notes is something that we do on a daily basis. From lectures to daily chores, notes definitely make tasks easy and help you keep a track of tasks you need to finish. The privacy associated with your notes can determine the extent of satisfaction you get after writing them. For instance, top students would prefer to keep their notes to themselves or only share them with close friends. But there is always a high chance that their notes get shared among people through one or the other source. 

What is the service all about?

The platform can be used in multiple ways by users. However, its primary objective is to cater to the privacy needs of people who find it hard to communicate their ideas with other individuals.

If you want to write articles and want them to be extremely private, privnote can be your perfect companion. It is an online tool that is created to help individuals share notes in a more private manner. Usually, services available on the Internet may allow users to restrict the audience of their content. However, these restrictions may fall short when the notes are meant for specific people. One may wonder if this purpose can be fulfilled by texting someone and then deleting the text later. But, there exists a significant difference between the way messages are delivered and stored.

Firstly, not all applications may allow you to delete texts after they have been delivered. Secondly, support applications are available on the web that may allow users to get access to deleted messages. This may disrupt the overall intention of sending a private message and make the whole process go in vain. This is where services like privnote come to help people in desperate need of privacy. 

The articles that one writes using the website are created using a one-time read mechanism. This means that if the reader has accessed the note once, they will not be able to open it once again. To ensure more security, the text is made available to the receiver in the form of a link. Link generation on the website serves two main purposes. It not only enhances the privacy of your note but also reduces the use of additional tools. Even high-class services are not able to retrieve the deleted article. This is a clear indication of the reliability of the features offered by the platform.

The bottom line.

To sum up everything stated so far, the services offered by privnote are worth a try for people wishing to write private articles. You can write as many words as you want without having to worry about the encryption process. Special care is taken while encrypting and decrypting data. This ensures that the article you write is erased from all source files and made unavailable to all users. The service is safe to use and a detailed account of the details can be found in the terms and conditions. It does not demand any additional details from the user which helps in preventing spam messages.