Four Tips That Will Make Driving for Uber More Enjoyable for You and Your Passengers


Most people sign up to drive for Uber to make a little extra money in the evenings or on the weekends, not necessarily because it’s fun. Likewise, riders hail an Uber using the app not because they want to meet someone new, but because they’ve got somewhere to be. These facts don’t mean that driving for Uber can’t be enjoyable!

Here are four tips that will make driving a lot more fun for you and your passengers.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

If you weren’t getting paid, you probably wouldn’t drive for Uber. It stands to reason that the more money you make, the more you’ll look forward to driving.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to drive more. You should work smarter, not harder! Instead, look for ways to make more money doing what you’re already doing:

  • If you haven’t signed up for Uber yet, search for a driver invite code that will provide you with a bonus just for signing up.
  • Drive up surge fares by logging out of the driver app right before popular ride times, like 1:50am before the bars close.
  • Stick to a central area so you aren’t driving around and wasting gas, waiting for your next ride
  • Download the passenger app so you can see where other drivers are and fill in the gap.

Make the Ride More Comfortable for Your Passengers

Comfortable passengers are happy passengers. That means pimping your ride for yourself, which includes using GPS instead of asking for directions and chewing gum so your breath doesn’t smell bad, but it means doing special things for your passengers too.

Have a phone charger handy so they can charge their phone, have small water bottles available, and have tissues handy in the backseat.

Tune Into Your Passengers’ Personalities

You’re providing a service, which means you should follow your passenger’s lead. Just because you’re a chatty Cathy doesn’t mean your passenger is!

Welcome your passenger into your car with a smile and a hello. If they seem engaged, keep talking. If they’re more interested in their phone, it’s best to ride in silence. Poking and prodding to try and keep a conversation going will only frustrate you and your passenger.

Have a Little Fun With Your Passengers

You’re there to give your passenger a ride, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with them while they’re in the car!

Post funny sayings in your car to see if you can start a conversation, or do like Paul from Uber DC does and start a YouTube channel highlighting your interactions with your passengers!

You will always run into that one passenger who makes your life miserable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t gently sway your riders to enjoy their time spent in your car. With these tips, you’ll get happier passengers, you’ll be a happier driver, and you may even enjoy a boost to your driver rating!