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Funeral Etiquette 101: The Proper Etiquette For Sending Buddhist Funeral Flowers

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Do you ever wonder how people choose flowers for a person’s funeral? In Singapore, funeral services are one way of paying respect and tribute to the deceased and the bereaved family. As a guest, there are many ways to pay respect. You may light a candle, send your prayers, or give funeral flowers. In some religious funeral services, there are no restrictions. Traditionally, people used to send funeral wreaths. But in Buddhist funerals, it’s different.

Here is a list of etiquette to consider when sending funeral flowers to a Buddhist funeral.

The colours are relatively important.

In Buddhist funeral services in Singapore, the most appropriate colours of flowers should be white or yellow. It’s only between the two. White symbolises the purity and freedom of the deceased, while yellow means enlightenment. These two colours are sacred to Buddhism. 

You may also use thesetwo colours when sending funeral flowers to Taoist funeral services in Singapore. Also, never send an arrangement with red flowers. It’s a sign of disrespect for such a sorrowful event.

Pay attention to the types of flowers.

For other religious funeral services, wreaths or white roses are suitable. In Buddhist funeral services in Singapore, the types of flowers you must only use are Chrysanthemums, Lilies, and Lotuses. These three are the safest options representing life values like harmony, purity, and liberty.

Finish the flower arrangement. 

The florist would arrange it however you like it once you’ve chosen which flowers to use. You may choose to place it in a vase, basket or come as a wreath. Complete the flower arrangement, and add short Condolences messages.

The purpose of sending funeral flowers is to pay respect. But for Buddhist funeral services in Singapore, funeral flowers symbolise serenity. When in doubt, never hesitate to consult a florist for which arrangements should you choose for a Buddhist funeral. They already know which flowers to use.

If you know someone grieving that needs help with funeral preparations, you may suggest getting a funeral services package in Singapore. They may contact Confidence Funeral Services for more package offers.