Gardening 101: How To Have That Green Thumb

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Have you already determined which crops you want to grow and which planters to use? Then it’s time for the actual planting process. While you may think that it’s a basic skill that everyone knows how to do, there is a great deal of art and science to achieve proper planting. Here are planting tips to consider.

Expand your gardening knowledge.

Basically, each plant comes with its own guidelines. Growing rosemary is not the same as growing radicchio, and so on. Before planting your crops, make sure to hit the net research on the exact sunlight and water ratios your specific crops will need, as well as other essential information such as depth and spacing of seeds. You can also contact Amico for more help with your planting project.

Start with a good potting soil.

Plant container gardening requires a different kind of soil than the kind you would fertilize the yard with. Look for a potting soil which is made from composted bark, peat moss and other essential nutrients and ingredients that do not contain the soil you find in the ground. A good potting soil is one that has a fluffy texture and provides a healthy balance of air, nutrients moisture, and anchorage.

Follow the guidelines on the seed packet or your Internet research to properly plant the seeds for each crop. Carefully mind the spacing and depth when you are sowing the seeds, or they may become impacted and unable to sprout. Begin planting in the center of the pot and work outward, and make sure that the soil level stays 1-2 inches below the lip of the planter.

Arrange the planters.

After picking out your seeds, you need to arrange the planters in the order you want them to grow. For instance, if you want to group all your herbs together and have another section for your vegetables, line up the pots where you want them to go. This will not only allow you to visualize the finished product in your mind’s eye, but also ensure that you have the right sizes and types of pots before you start filling them with soil.

Water masterfully.

Water often- whenever the soil is dry 2 to 3 inches below the surface- and make sure to fertilize regularly, using the directions on the fertilizer package as guidelines. Your container garden should begin to grow and flourish in no time!

Thinking of starting your very own container garden?

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