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Get HiCare to give your Sofas and Bathrooms a Makeover this Diwali

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The Diwali season is fast approaching and members of different households are scurrying around trying to complete or in some case, begin their home-cleaning activities. It’s a tradition to do so each year during this festive season, to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi in our homes with full pomp and splendour.

Home cleaning can be extremely stressful and that’s why HiCare is here to guide you through this process – India’s most trusted and respected pest control company, with home cleaning and deep cleaning services also available. While cleaning homes can be organized by the members of the family, some tasks are just not possible without outside help. That’s where you can speak to the experts – HiCare.

We are India’s number #1 home hygiene company and we can offer you customized and specialized home cleaning options to get your house ready for guests this festive season. Our bestsellers in home cleaning include our sofa cleaning services and bathroom cleaning services, which you can avail with a single call to 39889988 or by dropping an email to Our technicians will reach out to provide you a service as per your home-cleaning requirements.

Let’s talk about these in detail now:

Sofa cleaning services

Cleaning sofas are not as easy as cleaning other items of furniture in your house. A simple dusting and sweeping won’t work with sofas, as they absorb dust and could also be home to several tiny insects, which an initial dusting won’t be able to spot. HiCare provides the best sofa-cleaning services in the Indian market, and you can avail of this in just a single call.

Their sofa spas begin at extremely affordable rates and will leave you with brand new looking sofas in the matter of just a couple of hours. The fabric sofa shampooing process is a 3-step one, using extremely safe and tested chemicals. These include:

  1. Dry vacuuming to extract loose dust.
  2. Application of chemical foam and scrubbing.
  3. Extraction of moisture and residual dirt.

As for leather sofas polishing, it’s a 2-step process, including:

  1. Dry vacuuming to extract loose dust.
  2. Reconditioning with cream/wax and buffing.

A few hours are required for drying before your sofas get a complete makeover and incredible prices. These services are also available for rexin, leatherite and leatherette sofas. Similarly, HiCare also offers spa days to your chairs, carpets, curtains, mattresses and other furniture.

Moving on, they also cover another very important segment of our Diwali home cleaning process and that is bathroom cleaning. Bacteria grows in warm and damp environments, so for hygiene and safety purposes, it’s always important to maintain a clean washroom in your homes. The last thing you want is to be getting diseases from mosquitoes, cockroaches or other insects from your own bathrooms.

With the most advanced equipment and safe, specialized chemicals, HiCare promises to leave you with a smile, after their clean-up leaves your bathroom polished and shiny. Their services begin at economical rates and they cover everything, right from cleaning to scrubbing to sanitizing and buffing different parts of your bathroom, mainly:

  • Sanitizing of the toilet seat.
  • A thorough cleaning and buffing of the wash basin, taps and bathtub/shower area.
  • Deep cleaning of doors and windows.
  • Deep cleaning of exhaust fan.
  • Scrubbing and cleaning of floor and tiles.
  • Cleaning of mirrors and glass panes.
  • Cobweb removal.
  • Cleaning of walls and ceilings.

You can say goodbye to old and stubborn bathroom stains and ensure no diseases can come out of your bathroom. Make sure you call 39889988 and book an appointment right away.