Go with coolest desert safari type that suits you best


Dubai is considered to be as the famous destination for desert safari and this is the reason why many tourists every year visit here to enjoy various desert safaris. Many international and national tourists visit Dubai to have fun and enjoy the adventure that this safari trip has to offer. Tourists head towards the dunes to enjoy such activity. Many tourists might not be aware of the types of desert safari Dubai but reading this article will familiarize you with different safari options among which you can choose one.

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You can contact the touring companies for your Dubai desert safari ride. Many companies also offer package system in which you can enjoy other activities like dune bashing and camel ride and more. In some package entertainment is also included like the belly dancing. Listed below are some different types of desert safaris among which you can choose the one of your choice:

Overnight desert safari: Dubai can offer various thrilling activities and one of the most sought after activities is Safari rides. You can witness the culture of Arabian Desert. In this safari ride you will be getting an expert guide who will remain by your side throughout your journey. You will be staying there at night at camp base. Entire journey will bring a vibe that will surely make your journey memorable.

Hot air balloon safari: Everything in Dubai is known to be done in luxurious style and safari ride is not an exception for it. To make your safari trip more adventurous and memorable you can prefer going with option of hot air balloon safari. You can witness emerald green desert springs and gazelles. You can also choose overnight safari with it and breakfast as well. Price of this safari type is quite high than other safaris.