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Good Work Environment: My Office Renovation In Singapore

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There are certain things required in an office to encourage productivity. Productivity occurs when the company has determined employees, but determination doesn’t easily come about without something to boost it. Team-building activities and training are instituted to light the dormant flame deep within employees. However, I started to wonder if those were the only things that could help make us feel pumped up for work. I tried bringing this topic up in a casual conversation with my co-workers, and they ended up wondering the same. ‘I guess a good work environment helps,’ one of them said, and everyone agreed. I also shared the same sentiments and started thinking about what made a good working environment. The shared work ethic? The energy in the room? Perhaps the unity of the people who work there? I gave these as follow-up questions and received a response that lit up a lightbulb inside my head. ‘A better office interior design in Singapore would be nice,’ said another co-worker. It was what I needed. Our office lacked a more uplifting atmosphere in terms of interior design!

The Planning Stage

I brought this suggestion up to our team manager. He liked the idea of having an office that instantly rejuvenated you upon looking at it, so it eventually reached the higher-ups and was later approved after further discussion. The search for an interior designer didn’t take as long as I thought it would since we eventually found one that also did reinstatement works. Their site showed promise through descriptions, benefits, awards, and examples, which made me feel more excited about this renovation.

We had a meeting the next day to throw suggestions for the office’s new look. Many employees had something to say. Some spoke up about adding paintings to the walls, while others implied that desks with a sleek, modern look would help them get through their tasks. After writing the pitches down, we were asked to give our opinions to narrow the items and objectives down to what we collectively wanted. We sent it to the office interior designer and eagerly awaited the big day.

The Renovation

The interior design style we wanted as a team was modern, with a fun colour scheme instead of monochrome. We wanted splashes of colour combined with a professional vibe to prevent the place from looking dull. After all, if a space looked bland, it would not be easy to find enthusiasm when clocking in for the day. The interior design company in Singapore was on-board with everything we gave them. It was just a matter of whether or not they’d succeed in bringing our vision to life. The renovation took a few days out of our week, so we only got a chance to see the final results a week after.

Once I arrived at work on the first day of the following week, we knew the office renovation in Singapore was our best decision. Everything we had in mind was applied to the room, and it astounded me just how much it motivated me to do my tasks efficiently. My co-workers also worked harder the days after, which has been that way since our work environment upgraded.Are you interested in having your office renovated? Visit ID Inc today!