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Hard reset Samsung without password or PIN

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If you do not remember the password or the PIN, use the hard reset in recovery mode. This mode can also be used if the Galaxy can no longer be started properly. The recovery mode allows access to the device’s primary system; on all Samsung smartphones and other Android devices alike.

To activate the recovery mode, first, switch off the device and then simultaneously press the “Power”, “Volume,” and “Home” buttons for a few seconds. A menu then opens in which you have various setting options for calibrating the software.

Tip: Only make adjustments that you are sure of the effects of confirmation. Using the “Volume” and “Power” buttons, the Samsung smartphone is navigated in recovery mode. You can use the “Power” button to select and confirm an option.

Then select the option “wipe data/factory reset” and confirm the action with “Yes – delete all user data.” With this step, you have deleted all your data and reset your Samsung Galaxy to factory settings.

Samsung Hard Reset Via Recovery Mode In Five Steps

Turning off the Samsung Galaxy

Simultaneously press the “Volume”, “Power” and “Home” buttons

Navigation within the recovery mode using the volume and “power” buttons

Select the option “wipe data/factory reset.”

Confirmation via “Yes – delete all user data.”

Samsung Galaxy – Completely Erase Private Data

After you have reset the Samsung smartphone to its factory settings using either option one or option 2, you should do the following to ensure that all private data is irrevocably deleted from the smartphone and that it does not reach third parties when the device is sold: delete data manually or using a shredder App.

After resetting the smartphone, please switch it on again. This time, however, it’s best to use a fake Gmail address. Then load sample images onto the device and create imaginary contacts in the phone book. Also, be sure to install apps that you’ve never used before. This has the effect that old data is overwritten and is very difficult to restore. You then reset and unlock galaxy A1oe the device to the factory settings again .