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Holy Guacamole! How My Newest Kitchen Tool Perfected My Favorite Recipe

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I have an amazing guacamole recipe that I typically enjoy making for family gatherings in the warmer months. For years now I have been making it completely by hand, including the prep and combining all of the ingredients together. Don’t get me wrong, it’s labor intensive but well worth it because the recipe is pretty fantastic. There have been some minor mishaps along the way, like forgetting to wear gloves while chopping and seeding a jalapeño pepper, which can be pretty painful from the capsaicin. I’ve made this mistake more than I’d like to admit. So when I discovered the Cuisinart food processor, a whole new world showed itself to me. An easier way to prep and combine my signature recipe?! Yes, please, sign me right up. As it turns out, it completely exceeded my expectations. Not only did it make the initial prep a breeze, but it gave me a way to combine all of the ingredients while maintaining the perfect texture between smooth and chunky, which is a delicate balance, and difficult to achieve by hand. 

Naturally, the more I use my new favorite small kitchen appliance to make my guacamole, I’m beginning to think of ways to make this even better, if that’s even possible. The light bulb goes off and I start searching the Internet for replacement parts for my Cuisinart food processor. I discovered Kitchen Works Inc., a company that sells actual Cuisinart food processor replacement parts

I came across a few parts that pleasantly surprised me. I can order bigger bowl attachments for larger batches. This is perfect for those larger family parties and instead of having to make two separate batches, I can now make one giant batch. I was also able to purchase a larger food tube which makes it easier to put larger pieces of avocado or onion through. It also makes it so that I can juice a lime directly into the tube, rather than have to move it around into different containers and funnel it into the machine. 

Overall, it really takes so much of the extra work out of making these recipes, especially the ones that require a lot of tedious prep work. I’m raving about the simplicity of making guacamole with my Cuisinart Food Processor, but the possibilities go on and on with what else you could make. Being able to further customize mine and knowing if something breaks I can visit Kitchen Works Inc. for replacements is really the icing on the cake in this whole situation. It takes away an element of unneeded stress over family parties, which, let’s be honest, there is plenty of already.