How to attract more traffic to your blog without going bankrupt


There are plenty of ways to attract more and more traffic to your blog. You might have tried a few and it did work for you but you are still not satisfied with the traffic you are getting. You want to attract more traffic but you cannot afford to keep spending on those ads. However you know that ads are the best way to attract decent amount of traffic to your blog.

SEO is more important than you think it is

SEO is the most powerful tool to attract decent amount of traffic without spending much or anything at all. If you have good SEO knowledge, you can move your blog to the first page of Google and most of the people who are searching for anything that fall in your niche category would visit you. Most of the people who do searches on Google stay on the first page. If you can rank yourself on the first page of Google, you can attract a lot of traffic.

SMM should not be avoided

You cannot keep spending a lot of money but if a little investment could help you make a sale, then it is worth investing. If your ads are good and optimized enough then you do not have to worry about spending on them. They would help you keep generating good leads that would convert to sales.

Hire an agency to get good traffic

You should go for a good company that provides good Adwords services[รับ ทำ adwords, which is the term in Thai], Facebook ads services and must be good with other social media platforms as well. This would be a good investment that would help you generate more revenue hence giving you higher returns. They will optimize your ads and keep a track of their progress. They will help you keep getting more traffic and would also help you in converting them to sales.