How to Create a Pro Movie Trailer


Creating a pro trailer goes beyond reducing a scene of a movie to about two and a half minutes. It takes skill and art to produce movie trailers that meet the end goal. The goal of movie trailers is simply to sell the movie by eliciting the desired emotions in the audience. It therefore requires a pro movie trailer maker to help you in the process.

A pro will be able to decide which scenes to use, voice overs or no voice overs, the length of the trailer and so much more. Here are some of the tips to use to ensure that your movie trailer is professional and will sell your new movies coming out.

Grab attention immediately then end big– one of the aspects of a pro trailer is that it has to grab the attention of the audience immediately they get to watching it. You have less than three minutes to impress and therefore it is important to put the little time you have to good use.

After you have the attention, then escalate whatever the movie is about as you go to the ending. Find an ending that’s impactful to finish the trailer with so that it remains embedded in the mind of the audience to enhance remembrance.

Top 3 Tips to Creating a Pro Movie Trailer

  1. Intercut the Trailer

The most successful trailers out there seem to be those that are not linear. It is best that if you are going to create suspense for the audience you think in a nonlinear manner. Intercutting the scenes can also tell a good mini story without telling so much of one scene and making it the heart of the movie.

Picking different parts of the movie and showcasing them creates intense suspense all along the plot of the movie making your movie trailer a big sell.

  1. High Efficiency

A movie trailer maker should also be efficient. There are scenes in the movie that tell a many different things and these are the scenes to include in the trailer. You can choose a scene that has dialogue that is compelling or great theatrics to show.

If you can get both at the same time even better. Then from that one compelling part of the movie you can then tell a story around it. This gives your movie trailer great efficiency and makes it a seller.

  1. Be Original

There are some trailers you can see and think that you have seen that elsewhere. For pro movie trailer makers, they know how to pick original scenes that you have not seen in any other movies and use them in the trailer to get attention.

Every movie has that moment of originality that should be used in the trailer to showcase the uniqueness of the movie. If the trailer is just like so many others in the market then it is not going to sell the movie as required.

With all the right aspects of a movie trailer in place you can be sure of great success in promoting the movie and making it a blockbuster.