How to Create and Manage a California Booster Club

Most people would be confused over creating a booster club. They would require step by step guide to starting a booster club in their region. What you actually need is a checklist rather than an exhaustive manual to create a California booster club.

It would be pertinent to avoid potential blunders such as not wanting to register with the IRS with single mission statement. However, you realize it later that school does not approve of the governance structure of the booster club. It could be further disheartening to know that they do not wish to waste time in order to acquire business bank account without an EIN number provided by the IRS.

Creating booster club made easy with research and planning

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You should not fret and certainly do not let the length of the list discourage you in any manner whatsoever for creating a booster club. Several people have been known to create booster clubs without any advice or resources. Chances are higher you would come to know about them with passage of time. It would be in your best interest to research and plan before actually getting into it.

You may be on to a great start already. It would be recommended to go through the below mentioned list to create and manage a California booster club.

  • Building a team

It would require you to do your homework. You should consider on the reason for creating a booster club. You need to consider the need for its creation, whether ongoing or is it a one-time investment. It would be imperative to recruit parents, draft bylaws along with the mission statement.

An essential aspect to consider would be to meet the advisors and recruiting volunteers. Yet another important aspect to consider would be prior to start fundraising, you would need some amount for start-up costs. Your founding members should be able to donate some amount to the club or provide interest-free loan.

  • Get the paperwork done

You would need to create a mission statement for measuring the club actually does. It would be important that you apply for EIN from the IRS. It has been a necessity despite you not employing people, the EIN would be necessary for tax purposes. In addition, you would need becoming a tax-exempt non-profit organization by applying for 501(c) (3).

You need to create system of financial accountability, acquire business bank account and introduce booster club to the community.