How To Detox When You Quit Smoking Marijuana


Marijuana detox is the next step after you decide to quit smoking marijuana. First, it involves getting rid of all nasty chemicals floating in your body, including THC, which is the main toxin in cannabis. Second, it also involves getting rid of the psychological addiction you have to the drug. Below are the best methods to detox from marijuana that can help you quit smoking weed entirely.


Medication is among of the most significant things in marijuana detox. Most of the detox centers prescribe medicines to their patients to curb the withdrawal symptoms. This is because it helps to regain control over the mind and makes sure the patient does not experience a relapse. Besides, a person might still want to get back to smoking even after you quit. Deep breathing helps to relieve stress. Moreover, it helps to manage anxiety that appears soon after stopping.

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The marijuana withdrawal symptoms can be suppressed with medications, but the research is still ongoing. The experts are still in process of finding out the most efficient medications for marijuana detox. In the meantime, the cannabinoid receptor antagonists help to suppress most of the withdrawal symptoms. The experts even use other drugs such as the Nefazodone. The medication method works amazingly with therapy.


Therapy is extremely beneficial for the victims undergoing drug detox. It helps them stay in the detox for long. More so, it builds a robust foundation, which enables them to continue with the therapy even after the detox ends. It also strengthens the chance for an actual recovery. The research shows that the medically assisted detoxification is the first stage of addiction treatment. 


 Working out is another excellent method of marijuana detox. When an addict exercises, he or she gets distracted from thinking about the drug. Besides, exercise helps to regulate the metabolism, which helps to cleanse the system. However, before you start to work out, you must ensure that your workout is suited to your general health condition. You do not want to be lifting weight if have never done it before. The primary goal is to get in shape, but you must ensure your body has enough energy to perform the marijuana detoxification.

Healthy Diet

It is so apparent that you want to eat well. Food is necessary to supply the body with energy and strength to fight with the dope leftovers. In addition, it will give you an excellent substitute for the substances you are clearing from your body. Eating healthy can also be referred as the natural way to detox. You must ensure that your diet is always healthy. Do not take in many sugars as they may pose a harmful effect on you. Besides, you should keep yourself away from the fast foods. Your meals should highly focus on the vegetables, fruits and grains.

In conclusion, all the above ways are vital for marijuana detoxification. You do not have to be a weed slave anymore. If you ever tried and were not able to quit, it is your best time to take the action.