How to effectively Steam clean your Tiled Floors?

How to prepare the area for steam cleaning?

Firstly you should remove all of your furniture, items, rug, carpet, etc. Then, make sure to clean the area by vacuuming or sweeping so no dust or debris is left around baseboard edges and corners. It is very important to remove any sand, dust or rock particles before using steam cleaners for tiled floor [เครื่อง ทํา ความ สะอาด พื้น กระเบื้อง, which is the term in Thai] because these can leave scratches on tiled floors.

It is very important to choose your steam cleaner very carefully; otherwise you’ll not be able to achieve the desired results or can even damage the floor. For the tiled floor, you must use a hard-floor steamer which is specially designed for hard surfaces. Hard-floor steamers are light in weight as compared to normal steamers and spray the water directly onto the floor.

The benefits of steam cleaning

There are many benefits of steam cleaning from no chemical usage to high-quality cleanliness and prevention from bacteria and germs. One more benefit of using a steam cleaner is that it reduces the wastage of water by a huge amount which is very beneficial and necessary for our environment. The risk of surface damage and degradation is also reduced by using steam cleaners and it also reduces the amount of time and cost of labor.

The use of steam cleaners has increased very much due to their benefits and quality. Like automobile companies are now using steam cleaners because of low wastage of water and cost-efficiency. Almost every sector is now using dry steam in one way or another. Such as, the film industry is using dry steam for making smoke effects and displaying fog. It is also used for entrances and on-stage performances. All these effects are created by commercial steam cleaners.