How to Find Natural Juices for Your Vape Pen


So you started vaping, whether that was to quit smoking or to start a new habit. You want to use vape juice in your new vape pen that is natural and lack the chemicals and potentially harmful substances in some of the more popular and less expensive commercial e-liquids.

The commercial stuff is readily available and easy to find. But, how do you find natural juices for your vape pen?

Read Labels Carefully

Just like foods that claim to be organic, there are e-liquids and juices that claim to be natural or organic, but that contain questionable ingredients. Be sure to read labels carefully. If the ingredient list just says something like “natural flavors” you may not know exactly what is in those flavors.

The key is to look for a short list of ingredients, ones you can easily pronounce. If the juice has nicotine in it, be sure it is pharmacy grade which will ensure it is the purest possible form you can find.

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Ask Your Friends Who Vape

Chances are that if you vape, you also have friends who vape, and they can tell you a lot about the liquids they use. If they are also looking for healthier organic liquids, you can compare notes about brands and where to buy.

Also, some organic liquids produce better vapor, have better flavor, and may even include essential oils that are good for you. Your friends may know about these e-liquids, and may already use them, allowing you to sample them before you have to buy.

Look Online

Just like many other things you buy all the time, there are a lot of online shops that offer e-liquids and vape juice. These can be found through simple Google searches or from ads that might appear in your Google search page, your social media pages, or other ads you see on the web.

With all of these sites, it is hard to know which ones are legit and which ones are not as good. Look for a secure site with and https designation, a secure checkout system, and good customer reviews. Again, check ingredients carefully. Just because they say their e-liquids are organic does not mean they are.

Reputation and reviews are big, but so is price. If you are shopping around be sure you are looking at packaging that is the same size, and the actual cost per ounce. You can save a lot of money online, but you can also get ripped off. Be sure to compare carefully.

Find a Local Vape Shop

Often a local vape shop will even make their own liquids. This means you can find custom varieties and flavors only limited by the imagination of the creator. You can sometimes have your own custom flavors created.

When creating small batches of e-liquids, it is often cheaper to buy organic materials than it is to buy batches of chemicals and artificial flavors. Using natural ingredients is easier and they can be sourced locally, another distinct advantage. This saves the shop shipping and other costs.

Shopping locally is one of the easiest ways to find all-natural juices for your Vape pen, but be sure the shop is truly local, not just a part of a larger franchise. These shops may not have as much freedom when it comes to producing and purchasing vape juice.

Make them at Home

Did you know that you can create your own vape juice or e-liquid? In most states you won’t be able to sell it, but you can purchase all-natural ingredients and mix your own juices. This is one way to be sure you know everything that is going into the material you are vaping.

This can be challenging. You will have to have a number of ingredients on hand, and many of them can only be found in bulk amounts. This means you might be buying a year’s supply at one time. There are certain chemical reactions involved even in natural juices, so be sure to follow recipes carefully.

Still, just like cooking a fine meal or brewing your own beer, creating your own vape juice or e-liquid comes with its own satisfaction, and can be very fulfilling. As long as you are not making and selling it commercially, your homemade juices can be both natural and healthy and a source of pride.


Finding natural juices for your vape pen is not hard once you know where to look. Ask your friends, look online, or find a good local vape shop. Just be sure to read ingredients carefully, and if you decide to make them yourself, follow directions and be sure you understand the way even some natural compounds may interact when you mix them.

What are your favorite brands and flavors of e-juice? Leave us a comment with your recommendations in the section below.