How to Plan and Start a Mobile Spa Business

Whether you are new to the spa business or you already have a thriving one, there is a need to take good notice of an aspect of this business that is really getting wide acceptance. We are talking about Mobile Spas

The ability to offer your clients the same quality of service they can get from your salon at any location of their choosing is a major business breakthrough that has seen spa services being used in ways no one thought possible. There is no doubt that this is something that anyone interested in the aesthetic industry should consider.

Let’s look at a brief overview of how to plan and start a mobile spa business.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is decide on the type of mobile service you want to start with. There are two main approaches you can adopt and each will have different requirements. Let’s look at the two types.

Mobile Spa Bus

This is one model of the mobile spa business and it involves the delivery of the different services you have on offer in a specially outfitted spa bus. This is a more sophisticated and of course more expensive method. This method has a lot of advantages, which include:

  1. Easier operation with no need for equipment setup time.
  2. Wider acceptance and wider application. It can fit into almost any kind of event or mobile spa need.
  3. Does not require any space for equipment setup.
  4. Can also offer on-site spa service outside the bus.
  5. Has a more professional appearance.

The disadvantages of this option include:

  1. High cost of setup.
  2. Higher cost of operation.
  3. Higher cost of service provision because of the attendant operational costs.

You can check out some mobile spa ideas here.

On-Site Spa Service

This is the second option, which simply involves getting your equipment to any location and setting up there for the service required. This is easier to start and less cost intensive. At least, you do not need to have a bus refitted as a spa.

This has its advantages as well as it disadvantages. Its advantages include:

  1. Lower setup cost.
  2. Lower running cost.
  3. Higher flexibility.
  4. Cheaper service fees.

Its disadvantages include:

  1. Reliance on the client’s space.
  2. Need to setup and pack up at every location.
  3. Less accepted for major events and occasions.

Other Requirements

Aside from the choice of on-site or spa bus mobile options, you also need to meet some other requirements to be able to operate this business profitably. Some of these other requirements include:


While it is possible to be very good at your job even without certification, you need this to convince new clients that you are indeed qualified to offer this service. It is in your best interest to be certified or employ someone who is.

Business Licencing

You need certain licencing permits to be able to run this business. You will need to consult your state’s small business administration for information on the permits and licencing you may require.


This is clearly stating the obvious. You of course know that you need adequate financing to be able to setup a mobile spa business that can really be competitive.

Marketing Your Business

It’s one thing to successfully setup a business and another to market it so that clients can be aware of your business and patronize you. A few pointers that can help you include:

  1. Setting up a website and doing proper SEO.
  2. Advertising in your local paper.
  3. Distributing flyers and handbills.
  4. Taking advantage of social media marketing.
  5. Encouraging friends and family to spread the word.

There are some things you may never learn about this business until you actually get started. However, the points listed above will provide the basics to get you started. You can get more information on this from this video: