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How To Prepare For Mammogram Screening In Singapore

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Mammogram screening in Singapore is simply an x-ray of the breast. The purpose of the mammogram is to detect the early signs of breast cancer. Mammograms usually last a few minutes, and women may feel discomfort and breast sensitivity after the session. The mammogram results will be released a week after.

Like a full health screening in Singapore, people, especially women, should get a mammogram regularly. Women above 50 should get a mammogram every two years, while those below 50 should consult their doctor first to assess the risks.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for a mammogram:

1. Choose one clinic, hospital, or healthcare provider.

There are tons of healthcare providers that provide various treatments, including knee pain treatment in Singapore. Some may also provide cancer screenings, such as a mammogram.

The advantage of choosing one healthcare provider is they keep your records. They can easily compare your results from previous years to the latest ones. Although it is not a terrible idea to seek a second opinion from another healthcare provider.

If you ever switch to another clinic or seek a second opinion, make sure to bring all your previous test results and records for checking.

2. Schedule your mammogram before your period.

Breasts tend to be tender and sensitive when approaching the menstrual period, otherwise, you may not get a clear picture of your breast. It is best to schedule your mammogram a week after your period.

3. Avoid applying deodorant, perfume, lotion, and powder.

On the day of the exam, avoid applying deodorant, perfume, lotion, powder, and other chemicals on your body, especially near the chest area. The X-ray can capture and render the substance and chemicals as white spots on your breast image.

4. Don’t wear neck jewellery.

Neck jewellery, including necklaces and chains, may also appear on your X-ray image. It is better to remove them before your mammogram and wear it back after the session.

5. Avoid wearing one-piece clothes.

Avoid wearing rompers, denim jumpers, dresses, and other one-piece outfits when going to your mammogram session or visiting a sports injury specialist. During the session, the patient will be asked to remove their top, so it is easier if you wear a shirt, button-down shirt, or pullover.

6. Provide your medical history

It is better to provide your doctor with your medical history, whether you have existing illnesses or allergies, are taking maintenance drugs, have metallic plates inside the body due to previous injury, or family history of cancer and other ailments.

7. Inform your doctor about your physical limitations

Like chest or lung X-rays, the patient must stand up in front of the metal plate to capture the image of the lungs. Similarly, the patient needs to stand up for a mammogram. 

If you can’t stand up or have trouble standing up for a long time, your doctor can adjust the mammogram machine so you can do the test in a sitting position.

Don’t forget these reminders when getting a mammogram screening in Singapore.

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