Important Things to Know About a Photobook

Pictures are essential in keeping all kinds of memories. Research shows that 80% of the people in the current world take photographs every day. There is a need to store these photographs for future use. Sometimes it is difficult for the phone storage to contain all these photographs; that is why Mixbook has created a photo book maker to develop a good and beautiful way of storing your photos. Here are the essential things to know about photobooks.

What is a photo book?

Generally, this is a special and unique book containing different pictures or photographs. Photobooks are created to store different memories that are found in the photos in a beautiful and shareable way.

Difference between photo books and photo album

Many people mistake the photobook for the photo album; however, there are several differences between the photobook and albums that range from the material of the papers making them and the number of pages used. The photobooks’ paper pages are flexible compared to those of photo albums, which have slightly heavier board pages.

There is a vast difference in the number of pages between the two. Photo book pages count up to 200, whereas the album can normally only hold up to 64 pages. Photo books have the photos, captions, and customized decorations printed directly onto the page while photo albums have the photos and embellishments glued onto a page, making them more cumbersome and vulnerable to losing the pictures.

Characteristics of a Good Photobook

Theme and Content

Generally, the most remarkable books have a cohesive theme where the body shows specific subjects and motives. The pictures must show what transpired during the caption. Theme and content in the image will help compile only the most crucial image to finish up the photo book.

Images Selection

The photographer must select only the necessary photographs that go well when they are put together. Primarily, pictures taken for the same event should appear on the same page or series of pages to make the book cohesive and easy to follow. Using the same theme or color scheme for each event portrayed could be used to keep the photo book flowing nicely.

Image Order

After selecting the best images, you should develop an order in which they will follow each other. Primarily, photos should be arranged systematically so that they appear as they are narrating a story. The images should balance to engage the reader when looking at the different scenes in the pictures.


The layout is the arrangement of the pictures in the photobooks. Mixing the photo layout between portrait and landscape will keep the book diverse and interesting.

Include Context

Generally, it is appealing when small details follow a picture. You should include some information that will tell the readers about the image such as who is in the photo, where it was taken, and when the photo was taken. This is not necessary for every single photo, but is good to provide the information for future generations or others who do not know the people in the photos.

Let’s get a photo book

The current world has evolved in matters of how we store our memorable pictures. If you need one, contact Mixbook Photo Co. They will help you make one that is perfect to display your photographs.