Is It Safe to Have Marijuana During Pregnancy?


Pregnancy is one such phase of life which requires intense care and medical attention. Whether it’s from medicine perspective or from the diet perspective, you need to uncover each and every possible aspect to ensure a healthy pregnancy. But some of the women take marijuana and that’s become a big query for the newcomers. Consuming marijuana is good only when you are prescribed to do so, else you should avoid taking it.

Today there is an increased consumption of marijuana. However, there are some authorized medical marijuana Canada stores that commit to offering genuine and organic products; but still, there is a big question whether it is allowed to take during pregnancy.

Once you are diagnosed with pregnancy symptoms, the doctor will always start his conversation whether you take cannabis or not? Being a major concern in relation to your pregnancy it’s really important for you to respond to each and every question asked by the doctor.

Studies have found that women who take cannabis during marijuana have found various health problems in their infant, including:

  • Low weight
  • Poor verbal and Reasoning Abilities
  • Stunted growth
  • Risk of childhood cancer
  • Impaired Visual Memory

Most of you can understand that an infant with any of the above-mentioned problems will not be a normal child. Hence you will find it hard to nourish his/her childhood. The problems faced since birth is hard to omit and will affect throughout the life. So, it’s really important for all the women who take marijuana before pregnancy to consult the doctor and find a better conclusion.

But what if you are taking marijuana medicine?

When you are told to take medical marijuana for health purpose, this becomes a complicated query to respond. Here the major concern is about the negative impact of cannabis on your body. If you are taking cannabis to cure any health problem that can harm your pregnancy, you can compromise with it and continue your dosage. Here you should note that the medicine isn’t harming your body in either way. At any stage of time, if you find any side effects of cannabis, you should immediately consult your doctor and take proper precautions to get your infant affected by those side effects.

The research on the marijuana plant is still in progress and is discovering more to find as many possibilities as possible to continue using it for health benefits. But as there are fake distributors in the market, there are some negative impacts too that makes it illegal in most part of the globe.

So, if the government has made it legal doesn’t mean you can take it in any situation, regardless of consulting a doctor. The government has authorized consuming marijuana only when you have some medical requirement as prescribed by the doctor. But in terms of pregnancy, there is no point of taking marijuana at all. As mentioned above, there are various demerits of consuming cannabis during pregnancy. So, you should take it seriously and follow the doctor’s prescription to have a healthy baby.