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Issues That Are Not Covered Under A Worker’s Compensation

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What's Covered by Workers' Compensation? -

Worker’s compensation is a system designed to benefit employees. Whether it was your fault or not, the worker’s compensation system surrounds the fact that you were injured in a work environment.  However, in some specific situations, your worker’s compensation may not be eligible to provide financial aid for sustained injuries. Knowing these facts will help you take your case in the right direction and seek help for the damages caused by your accident. 



In detail, a personal injury lawyer in Toledo will explain your rights regarding a worker’s compensation, like what situation it applies to and which conditions it does. Moreover, they will also help you determine whether your worker’s claim will help you in the current situation and, if not, what the alternative is for it. 


Issues that are not covered under a worker’s compensation 

  • While traveling to or from your workplace 


When we say traveling from or to your workplace, it includes the path from your house to your office, which you cover daily to get to work. If you are injured while going to work, for example, you meet with an accident or get hit by a bus,s your worker’s compensation will not cover the damages and injuries you procure in that accident.


Nevertheless, suppose you are driving up the company’s car, and you meet with an accident on your way to work. In that case, your worker’s compensation may cover the damages and injuries you sustained in that accident. However, some conditions include your work site, the workplace is not a fixed destination, or you keep running to different places to work. In accident cases where you might take the company’s car to run errands for your office, in such cases, you might be able to claim your worker’s compensation. 

  • Substance abuse 


If you want to go out drinking or under the influence of a substance, you might not be able to claim your worker’s compensation. In workplace accidents where the Injured person is intoxicated, they lose the right to claim their worker’s compensation as the accident was their fault and not the company’s. However, proving that the workplace was partially at fault for your accident while you were intoxicated might be legible for coverage.


For example, you hurt yourself while climbing a broken ladder, and you met with an accident because of the defective ladder. You might be able to claim a worker’s compensation for at least part of it.