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Kids Fashion Guide For Parents: 4 Tips For Dealing With Outgrowth

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The most challenging part of kids fashion or stuffing their wardrobes with pieces is how fast they outgrow these things. You will experience situations when you would buy something, and they grow as quickly as a month, which leaves you with the problem of what to do with the clothing pieces. 

No worries about this because there are many things to do and steps to take when experiencing this fashion emergency. In this article, let us explore tips on dealing with the outgrowth you face with children. 


We are not in the place to dictate how many pieces you should buy or what you can do inside the retailer. However, consider avoiding hoarding pieces your child does not need, such as getting ones they would not use or purchasing something impulsively. Why? You will only get the overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to do when they grow out of these pieces. (Tip: Spoiling your child is fine if you have the means and that is what you wish to do, but always purchase wisely because you would not want to clutter their wardrobes.)


Kids fashion in Singapore is simple because you only need light and breezy fabrics for hot days throughout the year and a few thicker pieces for colder nights and air-conditioned spaces, but factor in the season if you live in other climates or go on vacations. In this case, avoid having too many winter clothes if you only visit cold countries during the holidays or pick the right size they can use for many months and years. (Tip: Plan things when purchasing clothes they will rarely use, so you know how to maximise the money you have spent.)


Outgrowing pieces is inevitable, and that is why you should know where to toss or give the old clothing your child had. The first step is to ask your friends and everyone you know about kids. For example, you have dress pieces for girls, and your child already outgrew them. You can give them the clothes or ask if they need anything. However, be sensitive and tactful because some people would react violently to the idea of being given old things. You would not want to hurt them or say something offensive about clothes. 


If it is possible for you to purchase larger sizes without making your child look weird and strange, choose those pieces so they can wear them for more than intended. First, when buying your girl some dresses online in Singapore, consider going size up, but the piece should be comfortable and beautiful for her frame. Doing this means you factor in the idea that she will grow a few inches and kilogrammes in a few months. 

Now that you know how to deal with outgrowth in kids fashion, follow these tips and avoid cluttering your pieces. Visit SUNJIMISE and check their website to explore the world of style.