Kids have immense in the Bouncy Castle Slides

Bouncy castle slides are one of the famous and enjoyable slides for the kids. According to the occasion or the celebration, the theme and design of the castle is selected. It is the best medium to make a special day for your kid. There are different sizes of slides for different age group of children. The business of bouncy castle rentals in Richmond Hill is widely explored. The owner of the castle gets the insurance of their bouncy castle for the protection from getting it damaged.

Setting up of the bouncy castle

The bouncy castle is setup in the flat or plain surface for the safety of your kid. Firstly, you need to find a plane surface or ground where you want to settle the castle. There should not be any sharp object at the bottom of the bouncy castle. It should be casted in the position that the lower tubes come in back direction.

Then, spread the slides as much as possible and tight one tube and place a blower to another tube and let the cable plug of the blower on. It is necessary to keep the cable plug on until the bouncy castle is not in use.

Various themes of Bouncy castle and slides

There are varieties of bouncy castle available in the markets.

  • Jungle Theme Bouncy castle
  • Super hero theme castle and slides
  • Pirates theme castle and slides
  • Merry Christmas bouncy castle

Some safety precautions to be followed

The staff members of the castle must supervise it before use. Children below 3 years should not be allowed to enter the castle. Any child who has some muscular injury or is disabled is not allowed to enter the castle anyhow. Any type of sharp object is strictly prohibited inside the castle. Children’s are told to remove their shoes while entering and only 10 children are allowed to enter at the same time.

There are some safety measures which you should keep in mind.