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Marijuana drug test

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What is marijuana drug test and how to detox?

Marijuana, which is also known as weed. The most used drugs across the world, After alcohol. Marijuana derived from cannabis plant by THC. Marijuana is illegal drugs which is commonly used in America. 

For most of the people marijuana doesn’t cause the same as other drugs do. But the reality is, marijuana is made with THC which make cause marijuana very addictive and also effects mood changes and weak memory. But there are various ways for reduce drugs toxins from Thc detox kit to natural remedies. 

Effects of consuming marijuana drug

Weed is commonly smoked in the ways of hand-rolled joints or through pipes. Additionally, there various other forms for taking weeds. Some of these ways are bake weed into cookies and cakes, or mix into tea, oils and butter. 

When THC which is active ingredient of marijuana enters into the bloodstream and makes its way to the brain, then mention below effects a person can feel.

-higher flexibility in mood swings

-decreasing in movement of body

-feeling extremely humorous

-lack of active thinking and impaired memory

-different sense of time


-anger and irritability

-vivid dreams or nightmares

Too much consumption of weed at any time, cam make person experience heluations, delusions, and psychosis. The effect of marijuana usually set in 30 minutes to 1 hour, but sometimes because of higher consumption it can last for few hours.

Marijuana detox treatment

Medication and the detox kit can be very useful for detoxing. Consumption of weed can cause an anxiety issue which can be addressed by CB receptor agonists and other drugs. Medical professional can provide medication to treat withdrawal symptoms. Doctors also prefer patients to reduce the consumption weed for making detox process successful. 

Some natural remedies 

-drinking water in high quantity

-reducing the amount of fat eaten

-exercising include running, jogging, yoga 

-reducing of caffeine consumption

How to detox your body faster

There are two main ways to work for this, which are decreasing the concentration of THC and speeding up the metabolites. Proper hydration can help to get negative results in weed test. And if the body is very dehydrated than the chances of positive result may increase. 

There is no reliable way for speed up metabolites and get the negative marijuana drug test. Yes, some factors can help to reducing THC in cannabis, like exercising, the drug test consuming healthy diet, drinking more water. 

To end up

There are no such ways to accurately predict the amount of time it will to detox the body and to eliminate cannabis from the body. Home test can help people to know the presence of drug toxins in the body. It may take 10 days for someone who don’t take the weeds in a regular basis and for the person who take higher amounts of weeds could take the 30 days for eliminate the cannabis from system.