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MG Ezs: Price, Specs, and Launch Date in India

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The automobile industry is actually the most booming sector of the market for sure. However, there are several brands and manufacturer’s in the market that are already trending and has a great reputation for sure. However, you can simply choose the best brand of the automobile and then you can quite easily pick the right brand accordingly. Only if you know another preferred brand in the market is MG Ezs when it comes to four wheelers, to be launched in the market.

This brand is surely the competitor for other such automobile companies in the market making it pretty much leading too. Well, here we have mentioned some more details about this particular automobile company which includes the vehicle’s price, specifications, features and also its launch date in India.

MG Ezs: Features and Specifications

There are a plenty of features and quite amazing specifications of this MG Ezs that is soon going to launch a convenient four wheeler for the automobile market.

  • The brand is all set to launch its new version of vehicle that would be providing utmost soothing and comfortability for sure.
  • This would be a SUV yet to launch in the same segment probably in the next year 2020.
  • It is an electric-SUV with the newest features and trending abilities to impress the buyers to deep, along with internet technology from the Hector’s iSmart feature as well.
  • The battery, is almost 44.5kWh which is a lithium battery and the motor produces almost 143PS power along with the torque of 353Nm on the whole.
  • The WLTP in the vehicle is totally combined and is beneficial when you need it in the full charge for sure.
  • The advanced technology in-built in the vehicle can charge the it up to 80 percent of the battery in just 40 minutes and hence the power is something outstanding.
  • There are other such features such as touchscreen facilities, with 8 inch infotainment system, eSim enabled connectivity feature along with the internet technology too.

Price and Launch Date in India

Well, the launch date of the vehicle is not yet fixed by the company, although the market expects the brand to establish its launch in the early 2020 of the next year, hence it will be hopefully between February and May for sure. If you want to know more about the exact launch date you can always refer to the manufacturer’s official website and check for the same.

The approximate price of this upcoming vehicle would be 25 lakhs, as per the market predictions, however there are no specific words from the brand and they will soon announce the price of the vehicle on their website itself. Of course, there would be other pricing details also mentioned during its launch.

Well, you can simply know almost every detail about this particular vehicle from the MG Ezs automobile company launch in the market in the next year. We really have to stay tuned till next year until its launch.