Old is Still New With Exciting & Slick Designed Solitaire Games


Solitaire is a game that is centuries old, it’s true! But that doesn’t mean it is outdated. The great thing about humans is that we are always adapting, always evolving, and the same can be said about our favorite pastimes. These updated versions of solitaire are sure to keep you entertained and prove to you that solitaire is still fun!

Although I filtered out 4 games I think are the best, in case you’re a die-hard fan of the game like me, here’s a list of even more Solitaire games! I used the top 10 list a reference and I got to say, I was happy as a baby when I realized how many are still out there.

The List of the Best Solitaire Games

But without further ado, here are my 4 picks.

Traverse the Pyramids with Pyramid Solitaire Saga

This cute Egyptian-themed game will definitely charm you, and deliver all the fun you’re looking for in a game of solitaire! You can play with your friends to prove that you are the master solitaire player, you can travel the world by progressing through the levels, and you can challenge yourself to beat your own high scores! You’ll have lots of fun with this one no matter where you are!

Keep it Classic with Pyramid Solitaire

If cute Egyptian-themed levels and animations aren’t your style, then Pyramid Solitaire may be. This game is a good old classic pyramid solitaire wrapped up in an exciting, modern design. Your only goal here is to win as many games as you can and get the highest score. This game is great for challenging yourself and trying to top your own past scores. If you are in it for the game and not for the fancy animations, then this should be the perfect solitaire game for you!

Play in an Island Paradise with Solitaire TriPeaks

In this game, you aim to progress through over 850 different levels. That is more than enough to keep you entertained for hours! As you progress, you travel across a beautiful island paradise, unlocking more of the island as you go. You can join a group with your friends, or play with strangers to see who can get the highest score. By the time you complete every level of this game, you will be a true solitaire genius!

Play Without Ads with Towers TriPeaks

This is truly a sight to behold! A free game with no ads! If you are one of the many people who cannot stand ads, then this game is perfect for you. Play solitaire completely uninterrupted so that you can focus on what matters: the game! As for the game itself, there is no fancy theme and no cartoons, but there are unlimited games to be played so that you can completely max out your skill. This game would be great for those who don’t care about their score or competing with their friends. People who just want to get better at the game or play it for the fun of it!

So that’s it, these are my picks. I’m guessing Solitaire is far older than any of my readers (me included), so it’s fascinating how the game managed to keep up for so long. It got its first boost with the first PCs and if you ask me, it transitioned perfectly to mobile devices. Solitaire has been enjoyed by generations of people before you, and hopefully, now you will decide to enjoy it too! This game is a tradition, and it is up to us to keep traditions alive and from becoming obsolete. So why not play a game or two?

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