Prevention Versus Cure


How many times in our lives have we been told that prevention is better than cure and yet human nature often leaves situations until we absolutely have to respond to them, take our heads out of the proverbial sand and do something other than sigh and hope the problem will go away.

Often active pest control Reading takes place when the crisis has led to panic and the noises of scratching paws have become a mouse sitting on the end of your bed, a buzzing from a wasp’s nest soon sees your patio space turning into a war zone and the one or two divots and mole hills on a professional sports lawn morph in to a new and most undesirable landscape.

Preventive pest control Reading area and beyond is not as energy sapping or embarrassing as you may believe. Embarrassment and inaction can be because it’s perceived self-consciously that if you are taking preventative measures the neighbours might notice and think that you have a pest control issue or a dirty home, correct?

It’s time to rethink. The stress of having real life living breeding infestations is always worse than taking quick and effective preventive home pest control action. By the way, if you’re sealing a hole in your roof there’s every chance that the neighbours will think as far as “they have a hole in their roof, good that they’re mending it.” People can be quite self-oriented so you won’t have to feel the scorching of a hundred burning eyes!

Expert and experienced active pest control Reading solution providers like Pest Control Berkshire can advise, assist and take care of issues before you have a larger battle.

For example, a couple of rats can mate and their offspring can start breeding about 10-12 weeks later and the small posse could turn into a rather sizeable army so it’s common sense for home pest control Reading to take place at the earliest opportunity.

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Perhaps the initial phase of ignoring an invader is a part of us humans wanting an easy life but when you consider that preventative pest control would save the flurry of activity weeks later, wouldn’t you rather be proactive and less stressed?

Preventative habits can help overall too, just like us when a pest sees a nice place to rest and delicious food that they can reach easily the opportunity is too good to miss. If you regularly leave temptations out on work surfaces, e.g. a packet of biscuits with crumbs or a bunch of grapes in a bowl by a window then you’ll soon attract the wrong kind of visitors.

Just remember that ants love sugar and the garden ant can quickly tell his or her friends, be warned!

Moles love bugs and worms so should your garden become a home for these critters, moles could follow.

An important note, a certain number of these pests are useful in the natural world, we don’t want to start a relentless cull.

Please take professional advice.

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