Productivity at its Best: The 5 Priority List

It’s an American bull fight of who can be the most productive during the entire work day. No matter the position level you have at work, if it’s the type that requires you to do a variety of different tasks while responding to client e-mails and reminding them to make their payments, at the same time your boss gives you extra projects on your plate, then you are definitely in the over-exertion zone. If you want to get that performance bonus or hike up your salary through a once-in-a-lifetime promotion, then you’ve got to get your A game on in terms of productivity.

Clear everything from your desk except the essentials

No matter if you work from home or from a work office, having post-its and cluttered mugs, loose papers and notebooks and receipts piled up on your desk is no good to the brain. It will only make you feel more mentally out of line and flustered with the tasks ahead. Invest in a cabinet and long bookshelf where you can purchase magazine holders and file folders for client contracts and documents. If you’re feeling like you have a major brain fog going on, it’s because you’re attempting to multi-task when that’s precisely not what your brain is supposed to do.

Focus on five daily priorities

An exercise we love to do at Payne Glasses, being a small team and all, is writing out our priorities at the beginning of the day. Most of our internal employees have a fixed schedule, however the priorities of what needs to be done that week can often change. For instance, we just received a surplus order of blue light blocking lenses in the color jade, therefore using a CTA on social media platforms for those lenses was a special priority for this week. Other days, trying to get our Save & Share promotional campaign out will be a priority for our community management and social media team. No matter the case, as a team we have decided to have a quick morning pow-wow to go over what everyone is doing for that day.

Raise your vibrations through a clear-minded productivity tactic

Prior to starting to use this tactic, I always felt like I was constantly trying to catch up on my work. I would try to accomplish 15 different tasks in the day, and found myself overwhelmed and stressed out where I’d have to take it to my meditation pillow more than ever during the night. Now I feel calm, clear-headed and able to get in the zone through minor distractions. Yes, it’s going to happen where you might receive a phone call or an e-mail that will require you to communicate with your team about the issue at hand, find a common grounded solution and extinguish the little fire. However, as many studies have shown even what resembles the smallest of distractions can take up to 25 minutes of your time to get back in the safe zone of productivity. So whether you receive an enormous amount of blue light blocking lenses in the office or have an urgent business development call that your boss has asked you to take, set yourself straight by working to accomplish those five tasks throughout the day. From beginning to end, and if it’s not the case that you can complete all of them in the day due to their complexity—pick up where you ended off during the next day.