Proven Methods for Increasing Call Centre Productivity

Because call centre employees are merely human, it is impossible for them to perform at a high level every second of every minute of every hour of every day. On the other hand, the primary goals of a business are to achieve the highest possible levels of productivity and profitability while providing exceptional assistance to customers around the clock. Therefore, the issue is how to close the gap.

Monitor your call center’s performance indicators.

1. Average duration in queue 

This is a crucial metric for determining how well your employees are meeting the needs of their customers. If the number is excessive, instruct your representatives to limit idle discussion and focus solely on topics that contribute to the conversation’s progression. 

2. First contact resolve 

The greater your agents’ knowledge of your company’s procedures and products, the more likely it is that they will be able to resolve callers’ issues swiftly and effectively on the first contact. Whenever you reassign a caller to a different department or to an agent with a higher level, you run the risk of upsetting the caller and wasting everyone’s time. 

3. Average handle time 

This metric measures the total time an agent spends on the phone with a single caller, beginning with the first ring and concluding with the last. If your team has a high average handle time, they are inept at resolving client issues; if your team has a low average handle time, they are efficient. 

4. The average duration of a conversation 

The average speak time is slightly more specific than the average handle time because it excludes the time a customer spends on hold. Using this indicator, you will be able to determine how effectively your agents address specific consumer concerns. It excludes the time an agent may have spent waiting for a manager to respond to a user-specific consumer query, as opposed to the average handle time, which does include this waiting time. 

5. Make an effort to maintain a productive and enjoyable workplace.

One method to increase the call center productivity of your customer service representatives is to invest in their health and happiness. Efforts to cultivate cordial relationships among the members of your workforce can be an effective strategy for achieving this goal. 

6. Don’t neglect mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is an excellent technique for determining how well your employees interact with consumers. Professional “shoppers” can arrange up calls with a few of your employees and document their interactions. Then, you can use this data to enhance the quality of your customer service. Avoid underestimating the significance of having an outside perspective. They are able to examine your contact centre from a unique perspective and provide any useful suggestions they may have gleaned.