Reasons Why IPL 2019 is Special Compared to Previous Seasons


The Indian Premier League was only formed 11 years ago in 2008. Since then they have become the largest and most attended cricket league in the world. It currently consists of 8 teams, and there have been eleven seasons, with 2019 being the twelfth.

The first game of the season will begin on March 23rd, with the Super Kings versus the Royal Challengers. The games will continue straight through with a consistent one or two games a day up until April 5th. Don’t miss out on this opening game by watching it through IPL 2019 online streaming services, wherever you are in the world!  In order of appearance, the teams are Royals, Kings XI, Capitals, Super Kings, Knight Riders, Royal Challengers, Indians, and Sunrisers.

During 2018 the Chennai Super Kings took home the championship after coming back from a two-year suspension. This made up their third win over the past 11 years, making them tied with Mumbai Indians for three titles apiece. This past auction that occurred in December 2018 was quite a hectic one, making the teams seem almost completely new. For instance, the Kings XI Punjab purchased 13 new players of their 23, we are very excited to see what comes from these ‘new’ teams.   

One thing to note about the upcoming 2019 season is that it will be held directly before the time of the World Cup. The only time in 11 years for this to happen. Thus, many of the top cricket players have opted out of the domestic T20 league of IPL. Some people may see this as a negative thing, potentially making watching the IPL less fun because some of their favorite players aren’t in it. However, I feel it has the opposite effect. It will make 2019 a very special season as you will see the second-string players slowly start raising the bar. That guy you never even noticed before is suddenly scoring all the points for his team. This may also make getting tickets to watch IPL 2019 live even cheaper for those interested in traveling to India.

This Season you can look forward to seeing some new players come out of their shells. The timing of the season will have you looking forward to cricket not only in the T20 series but then you can swing right into watching it in the World Cup too.  You can also look forward to watching it right from home with IPL 2019 online or go watch IPL 2019 live if you want to make a trip out of it to India