Residential EV Charging Stations in Seattle


Solar energy is a fantastic way to power residential EV charging stations in Seattle. We have experience with charging stations of all types, including residential. Our EV charging stations allow you to charge your vehicle using the power of the sun instead of further increasing your home’s electricity bill.

We handle EV charging station installation from start to finish. We are our own general contractor, so we do the drywall cutting and patching, minor carpentry work, relocating insulation and adding new insulation, backfilling and trenching, cutting and patching concrete, safety bollards and wheel stops, and parking space painting and signage (if you’re the owner of a multi-family unit, for example, and want to provide EV stations to your building’s residents).

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We are also our own electrical contractor, so we don’t have to hire out replacing the circuit breaker panel to provide more room for the charging station, replace an electric panel if it’s necessary, upgrade electric service to allow for more capacity, add a sub panel to fit the EV circuit, do any corrective work that is required, and add transformers and dedicated electric panels.

After installation, we are the people to call if there is ever a problem with the system. We provide a three-year warranty on our work, separate from product warranties. If your system needs troubleshooting, we are there to provide it as quickly as possible. We make our response time to service calls as short as possible, but it may be difficult to get a technician out the following day if a call is made over the weekend.

When we come to your house, we will get some basic information about where the circuit breaker panel is and the location of the future charging station. We’ll take pictures of the breaker panel so we can create a quote for you. If we need to, we will schedule a site visit to get details. This is often the case if there is a detached garage or a significant distance between the circuit breaker panel to the charging station. If you live in or own a multi-family unit, we will always do a site visit. If the installation requires some design work, we may charge a design service fee, but we usually do these for free.

When you’re ready to join the residential EV charging stations in Seattle by installing your own, give us a call. We look forward to working with you to design and select a great system to meet your particular electric vehicle needs and your budget.

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