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Services Offered By A Human Remains Repatriation Provider

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The process of transporting human remains from the area where the death occurred to another area for interment at the desire of the next-of-kin is known as human remains repatriation. Repatriating human remains is a complex process that requires collaboration and coordination from various stakeholders at multiple levels to ensure that it is carried out quickly, seamlessly, and following applicable international and national legislation.

Here are the services of a trustworthy provider that you should consider.

1. Outbound Singapore

They have a lot of expertise dealing with repatriations from Asia, America, Europe, Africa, and the Pacific. Relocation of loved ones from local hospitals, embalming in compliance with the international specifications, paperwork and approval from appropriate authorities, air/sea/road transport, and international coordination are among the services provided.

2. Inbound Singapore

Their services include:

  • Arranging travel for close relatives to the place of death
  • Assisting with repatriation costs and other vital matters with local authorities and funeral directors
  • Transporting the remains to Singapore

They can also help arrange an appropriate funeral wake/service and cremation/burial when the deceased returns to Singapore.

3. Cremation/burial Services

If family members do not want the remains to be returned to their homeland, they might help arrange a local cremation or burial. They can also assist families in returning their loved one’s remains to their homeland.

4. Embalming

Their skilled embalmers will conduct the required embalming procedure to ensure that the remains can travel to countries. The deceased can have a dignified send-off in the receiving country, even if the casket is uncovered.

5. Caskets

They have a large selection of caskets in various sizes and styles to pick from. Before being transported, the coffins will be tightly sealed up and packed.


Bottom Line

A lot of factors determine the cost of repatriation. This includes the distance between the two states, the price of the casket, dimensions, family fares, and more. If you want to know more about the cost of repatriation and services, contact Flying Home now.