Simple Home Remedies for Boosting your Breast Size


Breasts are considered to be one of the best assets that women have. Supple and firm breasts can go a long way in making all body shapes smarter and more attractive. This is one of the biggest reasons why most women want to attain fuller breasts. Obviously, the shape and size of the breasts varies from one woman to the other and you might envy those who have bigger breasts. There is no need to opt for cosmetic procedures for attaining the size you want because there are home remedies that can come in handy for boosting your breast size. Are you interested? Here are some simple home remedies that can work wonders:


Taking vitamins on a regular basis can have a great effect on boosting your breast size. Some of the vitamins that you should take regularly for getting bigger breasts include Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. The collagen level in your body is restored by Vitamin C and this helps in forming cellular tissues in the skin and breasts. New cell generation is promoted by Vitamin A and B6 is quite useful in increasing the production rate of blood cells that can give your breasts a nice shape. The combination of all these vitamins can be great for increasing your cup size.

Amino Acids

You can get bigger breasts with amino acids because they promote the production rate of hormones that can boost the growth of breasts. They are also useful in getting rid of the extra fat in the body that can build up over time.


This vegetable has a large number of health benefits and this also includes improving breast health and size. Radish is known to increase the circulation of blood in your chest area, which in turn can be helpful in boosting the growth of breast cells. It has powerful astringent properties that can push up the blood flow.

Onion Juice

Mixing turmeric and honey with onion juice and applying it on the breasts is an excellent home remedy for increasing your size. Within two months, this mixture can give you the desired results and there are no side effects.


Most of the breasts are made up of fat tissues due to which overweight women are known to have larger breasts as opposed to those on the thin side. Thus, increasing the amount of fat in your body is a great way of boosting your cup size. Eating bananas is regarded as one of the best and risk-free methods of increasing your fat tissues. You can eat two to three bananas on a daily basis for growing your breasts.

Wild Yam

This is rich in phytoestrogen, which is an active hormone in the female body and is known to control the breast size. You can buy wild yam cream from a local store and apply it on your breasts. This allows the ingredients to be absorbed quickly through the skin and gives quicker results.  

In addition to the natural foods discussed above, you can also use a good breast enlargement cream, such as Naturaful. It will help stimulate the blood flow and increase blood circulation, which stretches the tissues making the breasts look bigger.