Smithfield Food: Quality Pork Right At Your Doorstep

Whether you are looking for a simple slice of pork or willing to go for a complete thigh piece, get top-notch quality products straight from Smithfield Food. Known for its amazing meat quality straight from the farm animals, this company has been into the pork business for years now, if not decades! They have been selling pork pieces for years now and quite satisfied with the results involved. Clients are 100% satisfied with the meat quality, making them a pro in this regard. This company has join hands with some of the biggest food chain industries, where they sell pork on a daily basis.

Directly from the farmers:

What made this company completely different from the rest has to be its power to actually produce food straight from the farmers. You will get pigs from the right sources, where the animals are taken complete care of. They are clean, and then their meats are processed on a daily basis, to retain freshness for long. Furthermore, meats have the tendency to go wrong if not packaged well. Therefore, we keep track on that as well. The team members are not just going to help work on the animals but will also take care of the environment through proper work and services.

Sustainability report to show:

Just to take complete care of the environment, the company is known to have been maintaining sustainability report right from the first year of its inception. The latest reviews from the source clearly talks about the performance rate for the past year. Among all the accomplishments made by the firm, it has continued its journey to transit pregnant sows to some of the group housing on the present company based farms. This step in turn, helps in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions by around 25% by the time it hits 2025.