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Strategies for Using Instagram by Brands to Boost Engagement

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You have probably heard of the well-known picture tool Instagram by this point. Before posting photos on social media, users can use this software for smartphones to apply visual effects to their images. Instagram has recently been an effective platform for corporate interaction. The app has enormous potential for digital PR, so here are five ways firms can utilise it to boost engagement.

Photography contests

Holding picture competitions and encouraging consumers to participate is a fantastic alternative for brands utilising Instagram.

There is a considerable possibility you’ll get a positive response because the app is very user-friendly and widely available, especially if there is an alluring prize up for grabs. Greater visibility can result from entering this type of competition, especially if participants post their images to their social media accounts.

Brand promotion

Instagram photos can be used by businesses to promote their brands. For instance, in addition to working with an SEO service to ensure that a brand is visible in search engine results, a business might boost the appeal of its marketing by using eye-catching Instagram images of its items.

To promote engagement, these can be incorporated into a social media strategy. Event marketing

Utilising the strength of the community surrounding future events is another approach to using Instagram to promote engagement. Companies can ask people to post their images of the event along with the applicable hashtag, sparking engagement among your target audiences, by linking in with pre-defined and branded hashtags.

User images

There were 15 million users of Instagram at the beginning of 2012. There are 50 million now. You can easily identify social media users who use Instagram due to its quick growth and the popularity of photo sharing on social networks. Brands may connect with new customers and show them that they value them by sharing great user images on Facebook and Twitter. For example, in addition to holding the more conventional photo contests mentioned above, you could ask people to send in their favourite photos with the knowledge that you’ll publish the finest ones, providing your users exposure while also assisting in the promotion of your business.

Details from the backstage

To give customers a better understanding of what they do and to promote a more humanised perception of their business, several companies are also utilising Instagram to share

behind-the-scenes images of their offices.

Instagram is being used by an increasing number of social media firms to market their brands, so it’s worth taking a look to see what the app could do for your business.

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Therefore, gentlemen, you need to realise that to succeed on social media, especially Instagram, where you can add more photographs, videos, and other content to make it more appealing and then market it, this is a requirement.