Surgical And Non Surgical Ways To Remove Extra Fat- Choosing The Best


Seeing people like couch potatoes all around is quite common as people do not have right lifestyle and eating habits. They suffer from the issue of extra fat in the areas like tummy, thighs and even on face that not only hamper their physical look but also hit on their inner confidence and self esteem. But in modern times nothing is impossible as surgical and non surgical techniques are available that can remove the extra fat of body with best results.

Surgical and non surgical both techniques have their own positive or negative aspects so below both type of methods are discussed to make you to reach the decision that which one os best for you.


These treatments are performed to reshape your body means people who want to remove extra fat, aging lines and loosed or sag skin they go for these methods as surgical treatment are better than chemical peels and laser treatments. Under surgical method following treatments are performed

Liposuction surgery

Liposuction surgery in India is well recognized and result oriented procedure for removing extra fat from body. It is painless procedure as before the surgery anesthesia has been given to patient to cause numbness or unconsciousness. Then surgical incision is done in the area from which fat is to be removed. Then cannula is used to scraps the fat however it can be powered cannula or manual cannula.

Then cannula shaves the extra fat and makes your skin smoother or firmer. Liposuction surgery in Punjab has been done to remove large amount of fat from your body for permanent basis. However this surgical process of fat removal is not totally free from side effects but these effects can be minimized even up to zero if the surgery has been performed by experienced surgeon with proper care and efficiency.

Smartlipo surgery

This surgical process is also known as laser assisted liposuction and due to use of smartlipo laser during fat removal process it is known as smartlipo surgical process. This method is minimal invasive process however it can cost you higher than normal liposuction surgery cost in India.

To initialize the surgical process local anesthesia has been given to patient to cause numbness of the skin of that area from which fat has to be removed otherwise patient is awaken and can witness his surgery without any feeling of pain. In this procedure cannula is inserted into laser fiber threaded that cause the fat to be melt or liquefied and then with suction melted fat has been removed from body part. Patient get recover in few days after surgery and can have smoother and tightened skin with desired look after surgery however patient may face some after surgical side effects but all get fade away in few days.

Besides these two surgical procedures there can also be some other procedure that can help you to shape up your body surgically but the most popular procedures are above two.


There are many non surgical procedures as follows which are used to remove extra fat and are called non invasive methods of fat removal

Zerona non surgery method

This procedure applies cold laser technique to remove over all fat from body. After this procedure patient has to take care of his lifestyle and diet according to the instructions of doctor.

Cool sculpting procedure

Under this non surgical procedure cold temperature is used to kill the extra fat cells from body with the help of chilling and suction devices.

Liposonix procedure

It is high intensity ultrasound non surgical technique in which an applicator is kept on targeted body area and continuous lesion is created on fatty area without any harm to skin surface to eliminate extra fat.

Ultra shape non surgical procedure

In mostly three sittings extra fat from body has been removed by directly applying the ultrasound energy to tight fat existing beneath the skin surface. This energy cuts the cell membranes but does not affect nerves or surrounding skin.