Taking Your RV Around Pittsburgh: What to See and Do


Pittsburgh is a city with a palpable skyline, friendly people, tasty restaurants and sandwiches that melt in your mouth. In 2012, National Geographic Traveler named Pittsburgh as one of the Top Best Places to Visit. Rent an RV with Outdoorsy and tour the city like a local. Continue reading to learn how.

Take in the scenery

While driving around in your RV, you’ll quickly notice that Pittsburgh always offers something beautiful to look at. Drive to Mt. Washington to see it all. The best time to go is night where you can see a bright outline of the skyline under the blanket of the dark sky. and twinkling stars.

To get up and down Mt. Washington, just hop on the Duquesne Incline. This is what the locals do, and you should too.

Industrial architecture

While you’re traveling in your RV, you may notice a large number of bridges in Pittsburgh. Well, the city actually has 446 bridges, which is more than any other city in America. Also, Pittsburgh was one of the world’s largest steel producers. That fact has influenced the industrial facade .

You won’t see fancy buildings. What you will find are functional, straightforward buildings that conveniently mix both old and new. And, they are accented by the many bridges, which you can easily traverse in your RV. If you enjoy the experience of an urban city, Pittsburgh will not disappoint. It is a special city unlike any other.

Four seasons of greatness

If you enjoy separate seasons, then Pittsburgh can’t be beat. You’ll get to see all the nuances of each season with snow in the winter, changing leaves in the fall, a blossoming spring and a heat-induced summer. These are real seasons that give you their own unique gifts.

You have to visit during each season just to experience them all. And, with the changing seasons comes the sleek beauty that only Pittsburgh can produce.

Exciting nightlife

If you like to unwind with a cocktail or some head-bopping beats, then you’ll be happy to hear the rumor that Pittsburgh has a long street with the most bars on it in America. While that may or may not be true, just stop by East Carson street to have your choice of bars.

You can’t pick just one. So, park your RV and go for a walk. Then, you can converse with the locals over a crisp beer.

Foodie’s paradise

If you love to eat, and most people do, then you’ll be pleased to learn there are over 1,100 restaurants just in Pittsburgh. Try a different restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can find a diverse mix of global cuisines here, in addition to the most popular local food joints.

In conclusion

As you can see, we are fans of Pittsburgh. For the best time, find a local to show you the ropes. You’ll get a true insider’s view of hotspots and locales you may have never heard about previously. And, you’ll learn a bit more about some of the local history and lore. Plus, there are so many neighborhoods to explore–it really takes a local’s sensibility and knowledge to give you a different perspective of it all.