The Benefits of Well Looked After Grounds

Landscaping and garden maintenance has become the norm of contemporary properties, regardless of size or affluence, which produces a multitude of benefits for both domestic and commercial properties alike. Landscaping has the potential to raise the sales value of a property, to raise the prospective rental income, and to create an impression of elegance, amongst other benefits.

The Benefits

The initial and most obvious benefit of landscaping is enhancing the cosmetic appeal of any property. The overall aesthetic appeal of the property is enriched by planned and organised grounds. The appeal of landscaping, however, extends beyond mere visual delight.

Sales and Rental Value

If the property is for sale, grounds maintenance has the capacity to add value to the property, while disorderly grounds devalue the property. Properly maintained grounds attract a premium and the sales value ought to increase beyond what was spent on landscaping. The same principle applies to rental properties; well-maintained grounds attract a higher rental premium and justify a higher price as the property is in pristine condition. Poorly maintained grounds have the opposite effect and justify a lower price or lower rent because work will need to be done on the property after the contract is signed.

Business Acumen

The grounds of any property make the first impression upon a visitor or guest. This is particularly important in a business environment or commercial property. Neat and maintained grounds express an attitude of attention to detail, whereas grounds in a state of disrepair convey the impression of neglect and disorder. After all, if one does not care about the basic maintenance of their property, how can they be trusted to care for the basic maintenance of their business? Regardless of the answer, it is an unnecessary struggle against a negative impression which could easily have been avoided, or turned into a positive impression which is easy to maintain.

Prevents Water Damage

Water damage can cause major problems to a property, such as damage to the property’s foundation or walls. Grounds maintenance can avoid any possibility of water damage, as maintenance will ensure proper drainage and flow of rain water into the city’s sewerage system. If grounds are not maintained, blockages of water can occur and clog the ground beneath. Not only will one’s grounds turn from a garden into marsh, but if the water damage affects neighbouring properties, it could result in a costly court battle and ultimately an expensive repair bill.

Prevents Greater Problems

To build upon the concept of water damage, landscaping prevents greater problems, such as rodents or vermin attraction. Vermin are attracted to overgrown, disorganised, and disorderly grounds because there are multiple places for them to hide in. Vermin of any sort spread diseases and illnesses; a nest is a health hazard to all occupants and patrons. Simple landscaping and maintenance prevent this problem, as it eliminates all possible vermin hiding spaces and leaves them vulnerable to natural predators and pest control.


The benefits of landscaping and well-maintained grounds are numerous. Some may argue that landscaping is merely cosmetic and its benefits do not extend beyond mere aesthetics. The aforementioned aspects clearly demonstrate otherwise. Well maintained grounds do have cosmetic benefits, however, that is only the beginning. If anyone does have grounds in a state of disarray, one ought to enquire into grounds maintenance.