The Cremation Process and All That You Need to Know About it Explained

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Coping with the loss of a loved one is one of life’s hardest, traumatic yet inevitable challenge. For most people, the pain that comes with losing a loved one can prove to be quite overwhelming and the event tends to stir all types of emotions. Fortunately, time is a healer and within time we get to acknowledge the grief and work towards healing. However, before that happens decisions regarding the body of the deceased must be made and this often solely lies in the hands of the remaining loved ones. They must do whatever they can to offer a respectable send off to their loved one and at times that might mean cremation as per the wishes of the deceased or for other reasons. 

The process of cremation might be easy and will often go smoothly but unfortunately, most people are often left in limbo when it comes to selecting the final resting place of the ashes. Fortunately, we are here to ensure that you have an easy time during this difficult time and below is a list of suggestions to help you select the final resting place after cremation and also highlight some of the benefits and process of cremation. 

The A to Z of the cremation process 

In Minneapolis, cremations can be carried out at a funeral home offering such services or a cemetery. The process is often less hectic than a traditional one but one that is filled with all types of emotions. We want to make it as effortless as it can possibly be which is why we listed the process to help enlighten you about some of the things you should brace yourself for 

Getting in touch with a funeral home 

For the process to begin, you must first contact a funeral home or cemetery which offers such services. This helps you in making the choice that is suitable for your finances and also ensures that you are doing it in accordance with your departed loved one. 


Once you find the suitable funeral cremation services Minneapolis MN it is now time to ensure that everything else is ready, so the cremation process can begin. This often means that you should 

– Forward the details and also transport the body of the departed to the funeral home that you’ve assigned the job. Doing so makes it easy for the cremation service provider to take the burden off your hands by arranging newspaper notices and securing all the relevant documents such as a death certificate. This makes it easy for you to mourn your loved one without worrying about such matters. 

– If you are the next of kin it’s your responsibility to sign the cremation contract to show approval. 

The process begins 

Once the above is done, it is now time for the actual cremation to take place. Most people perceive it as a complicated process when it only takes one to three hours only. The body of the deceased is exposed to temperatures of 1400 to 18000F which reduces it to dried bone fragments. The remaining metal is removed, and the bone fragments are then ground into a smooth pasty white consistency using a machine known as a cremulator and handed over to the family representative. 

Selecting the final resting place 

If your loved one had selected the resting place for his/her ashes then it will be much easier. Unfortunately, death is inevitable and might happen when least expected and if you are in dilemma regarding what to do with the ashes below are a few suggestions 

– Scatter them. This is one of the most popular options as it offers an opportunity for loved ones to connect with their loved ones for one last time. If you choose to scatter then you can do so in a place that the departed loved to spend time at, the sea, national park, hiking trails, and parks or a golf course. 

– Human ashes can also be converted into diamonds or glass through blowing techniques. This is a great method to keep your loved one close to you because you can get the ashes converted into a diamond bracelet or chain which you will always have on. 

– Keep them at home 

– Plant them 

– Get them entombed in a mausoleum 

Final thoughts: benefits 

Cremation is a good way to send off your loved one. It packs a lot of benefits for the grieving family. For instance, it allows them more time to mourn without having to worry about funeral arrangements in comparison to traditional arrangements. It also allows for the portability of remains and is more affordable.

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