The Korean Craze: 5 Fashion Trends to Follow in Singapore

Every aspect of Korean pop culture has become a worldwide sensation in recent years, from their shows to their music and fashion. How did Korean fashion become the go-to for many young people? Many would attribute it to K dramas and K-pop, the other two aspects of Korean pop culture that people adore. We have become enamoured with the styles of our favourite idols and want to emulate them.

The good news is that Korean fashion in Singapore isn’t unheard of, and there are plenty of ways to start following the best trends by looking at what you already have in your closet. Here are five Korean fashion trends you can try.

1. Street Style

You’ll love streetwear if you admire the styles of famous K-pop groups. While commonly associated with the streets of Seoul, you can also wear streetwear fashion in Singapore, which provides a relaxed and effortless look. If you want to try this style, look for oversized shirts, baggy pants, and bucket hats.

2. Schoolgirl Aesthetic

If you’ve been on Pinterest, you’ve seen the schoolgirl aesthetic associated with Korean fashion. This aesthetic is everything at once; girly and preppy but sophisticated and elegant. The style has evolved enough to be an everyday style loosely inspired by school uniforms. You can follow this fashion style in Singapore by looking for tennis skirts, button-downs, sweater vests, loafers, and berets.

3. Modern Hanbok

Have you ever watched a historical Korean drama at home in Singapore? If you have, you’re well acquainted with traditional Korean clothing, such as the hanbok. Many people want to achieve the elegance that a hanbok offers, but it’s such a complicated outfit that it isn’t practical to wear in modern times. Luckily, many have altered the hanbok style to suit current fashion tastes and practicality, allowing you to achieve the same beauty with half the effort.

4. Floral Pattern

If you think floral patterns are reserved for spring, fashion trends in Singapore would disagree with you. Florals are all the rage this year, especially in Korean fashion, because they emphasise femininity. Floral dresses are the most popular, but feel free to look for floral tops, outerwear, skirts, and accessories.

5. Masks

Many countries have already loosened or lifted their restriction caused by the pandemic, one of which includes mask usage. However, did you know that many Korean people chose to wear masks even before the pandemic outbreak? Koreans have embraced masks, not just as a requirement to go outside but as an accessory. You can follow this Korean fashion trend in Singapore with a simple black or white mask, but some brands offer different colours and patterns to match your outfit.

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