The Legal Representation You Need for Traffic Tickets

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Springfield Traffic Tickets is here to give you the legal representation you need. If you have been issued a traffic ticket in Springfield, for whatever reason, we’re here to help. We understand that everyone makes mistakes, and there is no reason why a traffic ticket should have to interfere with your schedule.

Traffic violations can lead to anything from minor inconveniences to hundreds of dollars in fines. No matter what side of the spectrum your case falls on, we can represent you. Our Springfield traffic ticket attorneys can benefit you by:

  • Protecting your driving record
  • Stopping points from being added to your license
  • Helping keep your insurance payments affordable

It is often the case that we can appear in court on your behalf, so you don’t have to take time off work or miss other important priorities. Getting your case settled can be as easy as signing some paperwork and paying an invoice.

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We have dealt with thousands of traffic tickets in Missouri, so you can have peace of mind knowing your case is in the hands of people who know what they’re doing.

Why Hire Us for Traffic Tickets in Springfield?

Our professionals can help you in a number of important ways. With us, it is likely your charges will either be dropped or greatly reduced.

  • We Are the Experts: Our Springfield traffic ticket attorneys can find things on your ticket that the average person can’t, which can be helpful in dropping or reducing your charges. We look for mistakes on the ticket, or ways we can prove your innocence based on the information. We can indicate where charges are obviously unfair or overblown. Finding the right errors or mistakes will often lead to your charges being dropped.
  • If Your Charges Aren’t Dropped, They Will Likely Be Reduced: We can negotiate your case in such a way that you will pay far less than the initial amount. We can also negotiate your case to that your charges do not affect your driving record.
  • We Will Represent You Better Than You Can Represent Yourself: The average person simply doesn’t have the knowledge or experience to properly defend themselves in court. A professional attorney knows how to navigate the confusing legal landscape. We can speak the language, and make the right moves. In fact, even many attorneys don’t represent themselves for their own personal legal cases, as they know how important an emotionally detached attorney can be.
  • We Will Improve How the Judge Sees You: Guilty people are far more likely to simply pay their fine, or show up to court hoping the officer does not. However, investing in a lawyer shows the judge that you are adamant about your case, and they are more likely to see your charges as unfair or overblown.

Our Springfield Traffic Violation Representation Process

As soon as we have the information we need, we get to work on helping you achieve the best possible outcome for your case. You can send us your ticket information via the online form on our homepage, email or fax it to us, or simply bring it into our office in person.

There are a number of different motions we can present, depending on the specifics of your case. These motions will be presented to the judge during the pretrial conference. Often times, that’s all it takes to get your ticket dismissed.

If this fails, there are still plenty of options available to us. We will get to work on preparing new motions to present during trial. This will be a time in which the officer who issued the ticket will be present, giving us the chance to engage in cross-examination. This often leads to a dismissal of the case, or a significant reduction of charges.

Our Traffic Ticket Attorneys in Springfield are experts at navigating the legal landscape. We know how to negotiate your case in a way that is likely to get your charges dropped or significantly reduced. If probation is an inevitability, we can make sure it does not affect your record.

For professional traffic violation representation in Springfield, we are the experts you can rely on.