The Most Common Personal Injuries that you might face

A personal injury case is an injury that you might suffer from someone else’s recklessness or negligence. In a personal injury case if you decide to demand compensation and the insurance company or the liable party agrees to pay the compensation it gets settled out of court. But if they don’t and you want to stick to your demand you can file litigation with the help of Cohen, Placitella & Roth, PC. 

Here are the types of most common personal injury cases that you might face once in your lifetime:

Auto Accident Cases

There were more than 6.8 million motorcycle accidents in 2018 as reported by the data from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. And don’t be shocked if you find yourself in the middle of an auto accident.

Slip and Fall Accident

This type of accident is most common in elderly people. 3 million elderly who are over the age of 65 gets hospitalized after a slip and fall accident each year. This is as per the data collected by the Centers for Disease Control. 

Medical Malpractice

You might think that medical malpractice cases are not that common, but there you go wrong. They are indeed very common. About 60,000 medical malpractice cases are recorded each year. The data is according to the National practitioner’s Data Bank. 

Workplace Injuries

You might be working at your workplace and get injured. This is a right the employees have and is supported by workplace injury laws. 

Product Liability

When the product manufacturing company passes a defective product and you are injured by using the products, you will be able to demand a product liability claim. This sort of claim is less common than the others mentioned before and involves they lead to big payouts. This is because a single payout might include hundreds of victims. 


There were nearly 6 million assault cases in 2018 that were reported according to data from the Bureau of Justice. Often victims of assaults file a petition in the civil court demanding compensation from their assaulters. In cases of assault ensure that you have by your side an extremely good personal injury lawyer who has expertise in dealing with such cases.

Be it any kind of personal injury case, it is wise to have a personal injury attorney by your side. They will help you to carry a load of work and provide expert advice so that you can get the best compensation that you deserve.