After a loss, flowers have long been a standard way to convey our deepest condolences and deepest respect. Yet, why do we employ them, and what do they signify, remains a mystery. In this article, we explore the significance of funeral flower traditions and the flowers most often used to express condolences.

The Significance of Funeral Flowers

Flowers  from flower delivery kuala lumpur have been a common way for mourners to show their respect for the deceased and express their sorrow at the loss of a loved one. Historically, people would arrange fragrant flowers on and around the casket of the deceased to mask the stench of rotting. Thankfully, we figured out a way to control the smell, but the flora fashion statement persisted. Then, in the Midwest, ‘Flower Ladies’ emerged as a vital part of the funeral process, right up there with the pallbearer.

Typically, six women, friends or relatives of the deceased, would load flowers into a flower car and drive them to the cemetery, where they would be arranged .However, this function has diminished, and nowadays anybody can show their condolences by presenting a flower arrangement that represents their feelings for the departed and their family.

Flower Symbolism Associated with Death


Since lilies are seen as a symbol of purity and the restoration of the deceased’s innocence, they are often used at funerals. The white stargazer lily, in particular, is a popular choice for funeral and sympathy bouquets due to the sentiment it conveys.

Flowers of Peace Lily

Since the peace lily has come to symbolize tranquilly, innocence, harmony, and purity after death, it has been utilized in religious events for centuries. The fact that they perish throughout the winter and then bloom again in the spring has made them a Christian symbol. The self-renewing nature of the peace lily makes it an excellent sympathy present.

It’s a beautiful plant to present to the grieving as a symbol that their loved one’s spirit will always be with them. A peace lily from cheras florist, presented as beautifully as Madonna does, is a thoughtful and enduring gift for the family.


White roses, like white lilies, are often included in sympathy and funeral flower arrangements such as Serenity and Cloud because of their association with purity and innocence. As well as red roses, other colours of roses are often used to honr the departed. While dark red roses are a symbol of mourning, pink roses are a statement of love, elegance, and admiration, and are often offered to the bereaved.


Orchid plants in pots are a classy, long-lasting option for a sympathy gift. Orchids are a symbol of undying love and bring to mind fresh starts and childhood innocence.


White chrysanthemums are frequently used in funeral flower arrangements because of the emotions they are thought to evoke, including loss and grief. White flowers, like those found in the Garnet flower arrangement, are utilized not just for their symbolic significance but also as a warmly received, optimistic, and upbeat token of appreciation.