The Significance of Private Tuition in Shaping Singapore Children

Singapore ranks first in the world in math, science, and reading in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). You will find math, science or English tuition centres all over Singapore nowadays. Singaporeans are deeply committed to academic performance, and there is a national emphasis on excellence.

The Function of Tuition

In Singapore, 80% of high school pupils and 80% of elementary school students get private tuition. In the recent decade, the number of private coaching institutions has increased significantly. Children from middle-class households can attend school or maths, English or science tuition in Singapore for longer hours.

The Influence of Tuitions on Income

The private tuition industry is an SGD 1.1 billion (US$768 million) market in Singapore. Four per cent of parents with children in school pay between $500 and $1,000 per month for each child. Only 20% of those in the lowest two income categories have a kid enrolled in school.

The Tuition Centre Industry

The level of education acquired is directly proportional to one’s ability to pay. Tuition centres and coaching schools range in price. Maths tuition in Singapore can range from more modest neighbourhood and community-based centres to national “branded” coaching institutions. You can also find many science tuition centres in Singapore with shops in major shopping malls around the island. 

Begin at a Young Age

Singapore’s Primary School Leaving Exam (PSLE) is a high-stakes exam that decides whether your child will get into a school that would fast track them to university. Most parents would like their children to have the basic skills before entering school. Singapore leaves the question about the role of private tuition in shaping a child, though there is much to admire about their educational success story.The Junior Learners Learning Centre has been providing high-quality English tuition and enrichment activities to Singapore kids in preschool, primary, and secondary school since 2002. They promise that all of our students will have a positive learning experience. Enrol your child in tuition classes at The Junior Learners Learning Centre. They also offer English creative writing classes to students in Singapore.