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The Traveler’s Guide to Visiting Edinburgh

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Edinburgh, Scotland is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  The “Athens of the North” is full of incredible history and culture, spanning back to the 12th century.  This largely untouched city is a UNESCO World Heritage site and exudes mystery and adventure at every turn.

For those interested in visiting a city so charming that it served as a basis of inspiration for JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, use this article as a guide. Readers will discover the best attractions to explore while in Edinburgh.


Whether you are looking for an authentic Scottish meal or a Michelin starred restaurant, Edinburgh has many options to offer visitors.

Angels with Bagpipes is a Romantic spot located in the city center. It offers traditional Scottish Food and is right on The Royal Mile, meaning it’s just steps away from a variety of other attractions.

For a light and airy lunch place, look no further than Peter’s Yard.  This Danish cafe offers delicious Scandinavian food and a beautiful location, as it is situated on Edinburgh’s famous meadows.

Located on the outskirts of Edinburgh is the Michelin starred restaurant, The Kitchin. This restaurant serves the best quality ingredients in the form of modern British seasonal cuisine influenced by French cooking techniques. The Kitchin’s fame has attracted international recognition and has been visited by famous people like Anthony Bourdainand Alan Cummings.

For those unfamiliar with the Michelin awards, there are only 14 Michelin starred restaurants in the United Kingdom, and just 163 across the globe. The means The Kitchin is an elite company.

For an authentic Scottish meal, check out The Last Drop, the site of the last hanging in the Grassmarket area of Edinburgh. It is here that one can order a classic Scottish meal like Neeps and Tatties.

Coffee and Cafes

Readers who are looking to fuel up on caffeine, have three excellent choices. The first, Kilimanjaro offers homemade scones of the highest quality that compliment a strong cup of joe.

The second, Black Medicine is an earthy style coffee shop with organic juices and delicious bagel sandwiches.

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Third is the Elephant House, which is best known as the coffee shop where JK Rowling began writing the Harry Potter books series, which has sold over 400 million copies worldwide. Make sure to drop by and pay homage to Harry by writing a message on the bathroom wall


Scotland is famous for its pubs culture.  These three pubs are sure to offer a diverse drinking experience for readers interested in grabbing a pint or sampling local Scottish whisky.

The Sheep Heid Inn claims to be the Oldest Bar in Scotland, dating back to 1360. This pub is the site of incredible Scottish history and was frequented by Bonnie Prince Charlie and Scotsman who were part of the Jacobite rebellion in 1745.

For those interested in a funkier setting, check out the Brass Monkey. The bar is a student hangout located in Edinburgh’s old town.  With a weekly screening of Indie films and a variety of cozy lounging in the back, it offers a great place to relax with friends.

Lastly, Bryant & Mack Private Detectives is a speakeasy bar in Edinburgh. This dimly lit watering hole features artisanal cocktails that complement the establishment’s charming ambiance.

Notable sites

Founded in the 1100’s, Edinburgh offers travelers a deeply rich history that is worth exploring. The best way to get a feel for Edinburgh is through a tour with Sandemann’s Tours. This donation-based, three-hour walking tour takes visitors all around Edinburgh’s Old Town. Tour guides are often great storytellers who have the ability to present their expansive knowledge in a compelling manner.

Edinburgh Castle is an epic structure, dating back to the 1200’s. The castle is definitely worth the visit as it takes visitors through the tumultuous history of the Scottish people and their relationship to English rule.

Arthur’s Seat is the name given to the main peak of the group of hills that are featured prominently in Edinburgh. The peak rises above the city and provides excellent panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Day Trips

Also, accessible from Edinburgh are day trips to London or to The Highlands. Only a four-hour train ride or 50-minute flight to London, traveling from Edinburgh to London is an easy adventure.


Those interested in going North instead of South can explore the Scottish Highlands. One could opt for a day trip, a weekend or longer, via a wider variety of travel options. The Highlands offer sweeping views of the United Kingdom’s Northern Atlantic coast.


If beautiful cities and historical landmarks are your passion, Edinburgh is certainly the next city to visit. With a plethora of food, drinks, tourism and culture to explore, a trip to Edinburgh will satisfy every travel curiosity and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

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