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These Tips Will Help You Grab the Best Goa Hotel Deals

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Vacations and traveling often involve spending a high amount of money on accommodation. This completely takes your expenses a notch higher. Additionally, if you are one of those who does not wish to spend a night in a hostel or on somebody else’s couch, you can end up splurging on hotel rooms. But we don’t want that either, right? Yes, there is a certain level of comfort and facilities that the resorts and hotels come by, but often, we are forced to shell out a large amount of money for the comfortable experience. The better the facilities at the hotel, the greater the cost. But always spending a bomb on hotel bookings is not necessary. You can cut the cost with the help of a few hacks. We list the best ones for you to help you crack the best Goa Hotel Deals for your next stay at this coastal state.

  1. Sign up for hotel newsletters to find promotional deals

Most of the best and top – rated hotels have loyalty programs and newsletters that you can sign up for to avail the promotional deals and discounts. A number of hotels also come up with special discounts and package deals during the peak and festive seasons to beat their competitors. These deals are a great option for travellers who get a good bargain in return. Make sure you sign up to stay updated with the latest offers.

  1. Make a call to the hotel desk for some discounts

Instead of simply booking online on the hotel website, you can call up their reception desk and ask them for their rates. They won’t only create a tailormade package deal for you but also offer some special additional discounts. Things like free WIFI, free breakfast,and late checkout can be asked for when you are having a conversation with the hotel staff compared to an online booking.

  1. Make a mention of a previous stay at their hotel

Hotels are more likely to give you discounts if you have had a stay at their hotel earlier. Customers can always fetch some brownie points by banking on the brand loyalty. So, make sure you have hotel chains as a choice, having properties at a number of famous tourist locations. Make sure that you mention it even if it was part of a company offsite or a business trip. They will help you get a great deal.

  1. Travel during the off-season or book in advance for peak season vacations

Going during the offseason to Goa, is one of the best ways to get the best Goa Hotel Deals and save money on accommodation. If you have a preferred hotel that you would like to stay in but isn’t in your budget, you can enjoy the stay during off season. You will get a number of additional benefits and get discounts too for visiting when they are low on guests.

As for a peak season vacation, make sure you make an advance booking. While last moment bookings are a general habit for a vacation, the prices generally soar during this season,and you must book in advance. So, once your destination is decided, your booking must be made at the earliest.

  1. Negotiate for the best deals and prefer weekday stays

Owing to the high demand, weekend stays tend to be more expensive. You can instead try to fit in your vacation into the weekday,and you will save a lot. Also, there a number of hotels that offer complimentary nights if you stay with them for two to three nights.

You must also learn the art of negotiation. You can always try to haggle your way to grab a great deal. Politely ask the hotel staff for some additional discount if you are shooting slightly over the budget. The worst would be a ‘no’ that you may get. If you are unable to get a discount at the end, you might be able to get some complimentary things that are otherwise chargeable in the bargain.

If more than two people are travelling, book family rooms to save or get in extra beds. You can also look for discounts on some online websites where you can compare hotel prices as well.