Top Directors of Telugu Cinema – Krishna Vamsi

Krishna Vamsi is an Indian director of films and a producer. He is also a choreographer who is very well known in Telugu cinema. He has numerous successful work under his belt, and as such, he is also known as an influential person in the industry.

His full name is Pasupuleti Krishna Vamsi, a.k.a. Krishna Vamsi. He was well recognized for the 3 best films he has directed which also became blockbuster movies.

He debuted as a director in 1995 with the crime film entitled, Gulabi with the starring lead role of J.D.

Chakravarthi.Vamsi previously worked as an assistant to the director Ram Gopal where he was given some tips about film making. Vamsi received his 2 National Film Awards, 3 Nandi Awards, and 3 Filmfare Awards South

and has been recognized for his works.

3 of the films that have made a huge mark in the Industry which he has directed are Murari, a 2001 supernatural thriller film which Vamsi has written and directed. Then there is Khadgam a great movie about patriotism. Vamsi got his Best Director Awards for the film Khadgam in 2003. Next is NinnePelladutha another film where Vamsi got the Best Director Awards in 1997. NinnePelladata is a romance film. Many Telugu movies online you can watch


An action-love story movie that centers on girls and human trafficking to Dubai. It is a true story about incidents where businessmen trying to smuggle girls to Hyderabad were arrested. The story shows the women and gender oppression. Where due to oppression, the women learned to fight against it and the widespread corruption.

The fiery women have learned to empower themselves to go against the norm by coming together as one.

The movie that can show the unfair treatment to women of society and how they gain strength from each other and learned to support each other amid the chaos and oppression.


 This movie centers on the main character Chakram,

a student abroad. He returned to their place, hoping to build a hospital for the people of Pulinvendula. He had fallen in love with the woman, his cousin, who was also with him when he studied abroad.

Upon his diagnosis of Cancer, Chakram decides to run away from his family and his cousin, and he got to a place called Sahara Colony which is in Hyderabad. There he also tried to help the people he met along the way. He also met another woman who will be his love interest in the movie.


Tells about a man who is an aspiring police officer whose family has served in the police department, from his great grandfather to his grandfather and then his father. He has to carry out the family legacy as he dreams of becoming an SI thereby being of service to the community and the society as well. He strived hard, did his best to achieve his goal but to no avail.

In his dream to help the society, he decided to do what police do but less the uniform. You need to watch the movie to know what happens next. As it continues to be an exciting film.

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