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Top Fashion Sweater Styles That you Should Know

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Pulling through winter isn’t an easy thing. With fluctuating weather and cold throughout the day, it’s not easy to figure out the best outfit. For many, sweaters do the trick and are staple accessories for every woman’s wardrobe. Nonetheless, there are various sweater styles, and knowing about them makes shopping more fun.

What do I need to know when wearing sweaters?

How you wear your sweater determines your look. For instance, a baggy or oversized sweater will look cumbersome when paired with a loose-fitting bottom. Instead, you should wear oversize sweaters with well-fitting outfits. You can as well belt up to define your waist. 

Similarly, if you choose to wear a coat or blazer over your sweater, ensure that it fits perfectly. A baggy sweater and an oversize coat can be too much bagginess and should be avoided. Your choice of sweater should complement your outfit and complexion. 

You’ll get chic AKA cardigan sweaters in different styles. Remember to go for colors that flatter your looks. Most importantly, check the care guidelines before purchasing. Simple blunders can ruin your garment simply because you didn’t bother to look at the care tag.

What are the best sweater styles available?

  1. Open knit sweater

 Open knit sweaters come in different styles and designs. They are ideal for a night out or a date at the movie theatre. These fashion accessories make great choices for family dinners. You can pair your sweater with a tank top or a thin shirt. You can also wear it with a high-waisted skirt, skinny jeans, or leggings. What of jewelry? This is a great way to accentuate your looks. Accessorize your sweater with chic jewels, and don’t forget some heels or boots.

  1. Fleece sweater

Fleece sweaters fashionable and will help beat the winter cold in style. You’ll get them in all color varieties and patterns and are very comfortable. If you’re seeking something somehow rugged for an outdoor adventure, a fleece sweater is all you need. These fashion garments allow movement and optimal flexibility in any activity.

  1. Turtle neck fringe sweater

Turtle neck sweaters are winter staples and ideal for the cold weather. They come in fabulous chic or oversize designs to match your fashion needs. You can easily pair turtle neck sweaters with all outfits for any special occasion. And the best part? You can wear the loose-fitting chunky styles without bothering about your overall look. Turtle necks have a great appeal and blend in well with different types of pants.

  1. Tiered sleeve sweater

Tiered sleeve sweaters are favorite among many, thanks to their feminine grace and style. They generate a flared tier on the sleeves and are suitable for all occasions. The many layers of fabric will accord that chic appearance and stylish charm. And you’ll rarely achieve with other sweater designs. Moreover, you’ll get tiered sleeve sweaters in various designs to transform any outfit into a charming look.

A quick wrap up

There’s a vast collection of sweaters in all designs and materials. These include hoods, pullovers, and cardigans with multiple neck designs and knitted patterns. They not only make you warm but allow you to make a fashion statement when suitably layered with other clothes.