Transform your corridor

We consider most of the time the corridor of our home a space that we simply cross, but we do not give it the necessary meaning. So why not use it by decorating it properly? Most of the corridors are 0.90 wide – which is also the architectural minimum – up to 1.20 in the usual flats. They usually communicate with the living room and the kitchen with the bedrooms and the bathroom.

Small and smart ideas can change the look of the corridor and give it a joyful touch, making our own mood whenever we cross it.


We create a beautiful wall with interesting pictures. If we choose the photos to be black and white, we are free to play with the frames in color, shape, size. But if we choose color images, we choose the frames regardless of size; they are similar to each other and simple.


We place many small frames on the wall. If it is in different shape and color even better. They can be images of landscapes or a phrase that expresses us. We can also hang them up and down creating a kind of gallery.


We place a large carpet and give depth to space. A carpet in bright color – burgundy, blue, red – is of interest.


Most walkways do not have windows which mean they always need a little more light! If our ceiling is high, we chose a chandelier for our treadmill. If it is low-level then we put something small but impressive like the lights on the right and left of the ceiling that will emphasize the walls on both sides.

We can also choose luminaires with perforated designs and create wonderful designs on the walls of our corridor by pressing a switch. Another idea is to place in the series paper, large luminaires that light up the space.


A stylish mirror may be all we need. If we do not like cadres, we can fill the wall with small mirrors. As it is known, the mirrors grow in space and add light. We need both of them!

By putting a mirror on one of the opposite walls of the corridor we can make it look bigger.


Special upholstery from the floor to the ceiling can transform the hallway into a trademark of the house! We do not need to put wallpaper on all the walls, pick one of them and put beautiful wallpaper that will win the impressions. We prefer something simple and beautiful and not something exaggerated that we will soon get bored.

Depending on the style we want to adopt, the choices are really thousands. A linear design or 3D wallpaper that is now fashionable is ideal for a trendy look. You can also buy poster prints online.

Upholstery from natural materials such as matt, bamboo, etc. it will give warmth, in a place that is chilly. A very special choice is the wallpaper with letters for more classical spaces. A black and white is ideal for styling the corridor.


We paint the wall of the corridor in a bright, clear color to illuminate the room and use a carpet treadmill to add color and warmth. We can paint the ceiling in one of the colors of the carpet. Also, we can paint the terminal wall of the corridor in another color, intense and lively.

Another idea is to use two-color. We choose a dark color for the lower part of our walls – up to 1.20m.Between the two colors can be a wallpaper trim, a plaster or a wooden frame.