Using PRO Version OfEl media Player For Downloading Video To Mac Directly From URL

So, you have been looking for the best solutions used for downloading videos directly from the URL on Mac. Most of the time, if you want to share a video you like you will copy the URL and then send it to others to check it out. However, there are some times when you might have to download video and not just copy and share the URL. Even if you need to save the video for later use and want to watch it when you don’t have net, then downloading it from the link directly can help big time. But, sometimes, you may not know about the ways to download YouTube videos with URL on Mac. During such instances, some tools are there to help.

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Going for the Elmedia Player:

You might have heard a lot about the use of Elmedia Player but how can it help in downloading the video right from the URL to your Mac? For that, you need to get hands on the best player and its PRO version. This PRO version might cost you few bucks but will help you to download the videos from YouTube with the URL on your Mac. It can also work on some of the other online resources like Dailymotion and Vimeo, to name a few.

Get to the steps:

Some steps are likely to vary while dealing with the pro version. You get to download the app and then upgrade it to PRO version. For that, you need to use the activation code, as bought from the developer’s website. After that, you need to switch to the Elmedia player through browser mode. Enter the URL you have selected of the video and then click Enter. You will get to see lists of files selected for download and you can choose anyone you like.