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Volunteer in Singapore: Which Organisations Can You Volunteer In?

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Are you planning to join a volunteer program in Singapore? Volunteering is a fulfilling and humbling way to contribute to the less fortunate. Several organisations focus on different vulnerable groups in the country that help address some specific issues in their communities. If you plan to volunteer in Singapore organisations, here are some charities to get involved with.


ItsRainingRaincoats is a social movement founded by Dipa Swaminathan. Their mission is to give care gifts and essentials to the migrant workers living in dormitories or construction sites. They collect umbrellas, water bottles, and raincoats as donations.


Silver Ribbon is an organisation that accepts volunteer work in Singapore. The organisation’s vision is to fight the stigma and raise more awareness about mental health. It helps people with mental diseases, promotes suicide prevention, and more. Here, you can volunteer as a photographer or graphic designer.


Are you fond of cats? Luv Kuching is a project that also offers volunteer work in Singapore. They are a small rescue group that helps stray cats. They take care of them, train them, and educate them until they are ready for adoption.


FFTH is a volunteer program in Singapore that helps prevent foods from getting wasted, especially slices of bread. They collect various types of bread from different bakeries and pastry shops in the country and donate it to the needy.


ASD also offers volunteer opportunities in Singapore for people who like dogs. Volunteers in ASD help walk, play, and shelter dogs so they would feel loved. You can also adopt a dog with ASD! Many NGOs, charities, and welfare organisations offer volunteer opportunities in Singapore. These organisations can promote and develop compassion and empathy through acts of service. The choices for volunteering in the country are endless. You just need to look for an organisation that aligns with your values. Want to do volunteer work in Singapore or volunteer abroad? You may reach out and cooperate with Singapore International Foundation to provide you with a wide range of volunteering opportunities.